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01 Jan 1970 12:00

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Better 2nd half but wether that's us stepping up or them slackening off (don't care who u are its hard to sustain that sort of dominance for 80) who knows.....probably a bit of both. Either way Melbourne showed why their the standard everyone measures themselves against, and shows despite our obvious improvement this year that we're nowhere near that standard yet.

Picked the Storm to win but didn't anticipate that first half shellacking. That said I'm still confidant of a win against the home.....10 days rest....Gavet, Harris and most importantly Shaun Johnson, troops back on deck.

Any complacency or believing in any hype would have well and truly been knocked out of them after that......Storm may have even done us a favour
Too many “key” injuries and short turn around caught up with us.

We lead the league in missed tackles and got torn to shreads in the first half because of it.

Losing Luke early on was big, on attack didn’t look too sharp with Tevaga at rake but still seemed dangerous to an extent (with ball in attacking position).

Storm are reigning premiers - they could do this to any team on their night.

We beat the table-topping Dragons on Friday through strong defence and overcoming a lopsided penalty count and 37% possession. How we come from this to a 40-point flogging is mind-blowing but so Warriors.

This loss is fucken embarrassing and not ideal but isn’t season defining...yet.

We need to get some troops back - Harris, Shaun Johnson and Gavet will be a boost. Interesting to see how Beale is integrated in a few weeks and what happens with the Gelling/Maumalo/Kata logjam.

However - just heard Luke is out for 6-WEEKS....for fuck sakes!!!!
Rough night but it was to be expected after a massive game 4 nights ago and a storm outfit in that kind of mood.

Only concern is the Luke injury as we have seen tonight Jazz is not and should never be considered the number 2 hooker in any circumstances. Hopefully not to bad and not too long he was a big loss tonight.
Another lesson from a perennial.

Super Freak Super Freak - why didn't you warn us hahahaha?

2nd half I liked how the pack ran for metres but the game was over by then.

Melbourne absolutely dominated in the tackle. I counted 4 seconds-ish they held us down while we were 2-ish on them. Very dominant.
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Who's the funny kent who voted that game A+? lol

That game gave me confidence .... confidence that the Warriors are still capable of a good old-fashioned Warriors implosion. :p

The first half was pure slaughter.

Still, a 10-day turn-around to regroup and smash the Tigers!
We're at the edge of our depth for this game I reckon
Melbourne would have put that score on any team in the first half
To our credit we were more competitive in the 2nd half.
We just didn't have as many attacking weapons at our disposal to make a come back.
Lawton to get his chance next week for mine with Luke out for 6 weeks...
Hopefully Johnson's injury sees him available for round 9

Unfortunately we've just got to suck up all the Aussie back lash
But I would like to think that this game maybe the turning point for us
Keenly waiting on the next team listing
We are 6 and 2 looking for make that 7 and 2 vs the Tigers...
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