General NRL 2018 Round 7 - General Discussion

I found after we lost to Brisbane I couldnt watch any other NRL games that I am all over it.
It’s interesting watching these games as a “neutral” and seeing some of the calls from the refs. Given how bad some of the calls are, it’s easy to see why everyone thinks the refs have it in for their team.
If Panthers had another 5min left, they would've ran the Sharks down. They're at their most dangerous where their backs are against the wall and they start playing a little ad lib footy.

Happy that the Sharks got the win though. Gives us a bit of breathing room at the top of the table.
Nice win sharkies, but cor there were some loose carries! get your shit together!! (but feel free to lose it again come Round 16) :p
i didnt read the team list, were they still missing the big 4 in the forwards? was a good game, but panthers were dirty grubby grubs. maloney started it off.