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Yea the sharks forum are ready to burn him at the stake. Looks so disnterested. Was this cu** actually good at Penrith?
He has talent but he's no team player. When Dufty gave him the shake n bake, he just gave up while two of his team mates busted their arses to try and stop Dufty from scoring. He's probably sulking cos he thinks he's a half.
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In Andy we (have to) trust
Matt Cecchin needs to be taken out the back and shot - 26 penalties in the Eels game and two in the bin and all done with a large hint of arrogance.

That is over twice as many penalties as in the Warriors game and well more than any other game this weekend.

And the powers that be will support him “because he is enforcing the rules”.

Like f..k he is, he thinks the crowd come to the game to see him perform.