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01 Jan 1970 12:00PM

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I know they aren't going too well but still a pretty formidable opposition. Going to a cracker afternoon of football as the Tigers are going well and the Storm need to get their season going.

A setback for the Cowboys losing Maclean but they managed to get through without Scott last year.

Time to make a statement at home in front of a big crowd.

Taumalolo, Scott, Thurston, Morgan. Great foundation for their team.

Should be a hell of a game.

Bring it on
Funny thing is where does Beale fit?
None of our backline could be dropped on form so Beale will be waiting for an injury. Even then we have old reliable Aysh. How amazing is that depth?
Our pack when fully fit is pretty awesome- 8.Paasi 10. Gavet 11. Simon 12. Harris 13 Blair 15. Pulu 16. Afoa 17.Lisone
Leaving people like Sao, satae and papalii out is hard and we haven't even seen vete yet.
Lots of forward depth too.
Jazz at 14. Is a good move imo. Can cover hooker and he's a great little forward, really adds to the tackles and linespeed.
But it means we have to keep a guy like Gelling on the bench to cover the backs. I mean is he a centre or a backrower or just a seat warmer?
Hope he's finally learnt how to pass when it's on!

Actually I was rethinking my last comment. nice to Simon Mannering please. If there's a whipping boy in this team it sure as fuck ain't the heart and soul of the team.

Just repping it for a guy who has played almost 300 games for the old Warriors and never left the field with fuel in his tank.

You might have to find someone else to criticise brother.
I get the feeling that Mannering will be ready to go and want to get on the field to be a part of the excitement the rest of the team is generating and watching his team mates defend like they have been. As others have said, there’s so many others stepping up now, he’ll actually be able to enjoy playing again instead of feeling so much of the defence was down to him covering other players.

Plus, I think he’ll enjoy the freedom that is now part of the game plan and the will help raise his own attack since he won’t be drained having to defend so much of the time.

TBH, Mannering deserves to be playing with a team with the much spirit considering the crap spirit he’s had to endure since 2011.

Cometh the hour, cometh the Captain Mannering!!!!!


I reckon Lino’s performance last week will inspire Shaun.
Knowing that someone is genuinely nipping at his heels and the fact that the boys can finally win without him, and dominate, could well elevate his game to another level.
Less pressure, more freedom, and don’t forget people, I’m tha man yo!
Go get it Princess.
might make him try to hard and dance in circles again trying to create miracle plays every time he gets the ball.
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Im interested to see what Mannering's role and how they intend to use him will be under this new look, revitalised Warriors style of game.

Do they see him as edge forward or his more traditional role of locking that middle 3rd up?

Although a younger Mannering was a very effective hole runner on the edges the toll of doing all that work in the middle over the years as well as the passage of time would seem to suggest that workhorse role is a given for him, plus how well Harris and Pulu are going on the edges and the threats they've been posing id be loathe to changing that.

Looking at the 17 they've named for this game there's only 1 prop on the bench (Lisone) which possibly could see Blair starting at lock then doing a stint up front with Simon assuming that locking role, which could mean Jazz seeing lees time as that's the role he's been playing.

The question could also be asked given so far the defensive workload seems to be shared amongst everyone creating a healthy balance in energy levels on attack and D, is a 50-60 tacklebot a requirement under this current style of game we've been playing? Or if one player is putting out those sort of numbers is that a sign that things may not be going so well?

Note - not a criticism at all I'm just interested how they use Juju and his strength's in this positive game they've been playing so far.
How do I put this as delicately as possible. I had more confidence in Manu Vatuvei under the high ball against the Eels in 2007 than I do in Gelling. It is all well and good to say things like he covers centre and second row, the problem is he is terrible, possibly the worst reader on defence I have ever seen in a Warriors jersey and we have had some bad ones.

If we have one weakness at the moment, it is cover for a backs injury from our bench or forward pack.
anyone know what the story with Lachlan Coote is? They have Hampton at fullback but always thought Coote was a better player, Hampton more of a utility - unless Coote been injured. Really looking forward to seeing Mannering playing in this team, really cool that he is going into this week with the team going well - he certainly deserves that! :):)
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Mannering will be the invisible man.

Somewhat Like Blairs first two games.

The reason I say that, is that is the role he plays for the Kiwis. When surrounded by Star runners, off loaders, and ball players.

You don't tend to notice him as he quietly goes about shutting the Kangaroos down in tests, he stays out of the way of the Meter eating forwards and backs and does what he is best at.

The difference between our other two best defensive forwards (Blair and Tohu Harris) to Mannering is that Simon slows the ruck by one on one smothering guys.

When Latrell Mitchel burst through the middle (straight through (Sao and Pulu then fended Paasi) he busted through and beat three good tacklers who got caught out by Mitchell's explosive speed.

how many times have you seen that happen to Mannering ?

Mannering is the best Wrestler we have, and his one on one's smother the ball, and he slowly off balances them to the ground.

That's where the Defensive line is bought an extra five seconds to reset without giving a way a penalty.

That last part, avoiding penalties, is where Mannerings game will fit in under the new style we are playing.

Blair and Tohu Harris on the other hand are bred to give away penalties (which is ok but Mannering adds some balance to that).

I don't mind if Simon runs, as long as he doesn't try to offload, the team is full of specialists, and sometimes even that hits saturation point with too many.

As we all know, we will see the great man deliver the same promise to the team he has always kept - stand on the Wall and stop the bad men.
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anyone know what the story with Lachlan Coote is? They have Hampton at fullback but always thought Coote was a better player, Hampton more of a utility - unless Coote been injured. Really looking forward to seeing Mannering playing in this team, really cool that he is going into this week with the team going well - he certainly deserves that! :):)
Coote is coming back from injury and Greem wants to give him another game in the Queensland cup. Don’t be surprised though if he makes the 17.
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