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01 Jan 1970 12:00

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The opening lyrics are absolutely perfect for all us loyal Warriors supporters ...

Hey I gotta lot of faith in you ... I'll stick with you kid that's the bottom line :singing:

I'm pretty sure the AB's have also used Slice of Heaven ... but bugger it ... our song now
Sure did it was at the RWC held in Aussie
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I do find it ironic that the Knights had three consecutive wooden spoons in yet we where considered worst & Both Johns brothers had them making the top 8.

They probably weren't alone... Newcastle has improved from Wooden Spooners you would think... though it's early days!

I won't say I thought the Warriors would do well, I would be lying, but I backed them at 41 to 1 odds just in case they did, before a whistle was blown.
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When people like yourself walked away from the Warriors, I got very concerned for the codes survival and blamed the Warriors for destroying the game here (our darkest hour, no wonder you're sticking to the reality path).

There are still some good posters from this forum that haven't come back. That's a shame, still as you say, the Warriors went beyond the joke.

Do you have a criteria in your mind by where the Warriors have done enough for un guarded support ? Or is it more of a gut thing?

Definitely more of a gut thing. I have definitely seen a much improved side this year, but we have been burned over and over by this club in the last few seasons in particular.

So I want to believe it’s all turned around, I enjoy league in general so much more when my side is going well or even just in contention. There’s not much else other than time that will convince me. If they sustain a decent standard throughout the year and make the finals then I will be happier to say they’ve turned it around. That would also then involve consistency heading into 2019 and beyond of course. Because that’s what we all want right, we want to be like the Storm or Cowboys who have runs of 7 or 8 years of finals appearances....not just 1 Grand Final every decade with below average or rubbish performances every other season.


I have watched Matty Johns since he signed with Fox and had his own gigs. He doesn't "hate the Warriors", in fact he used to regularly tip us for the top 4. And like many others he has stated that a strong Warriors side is good for rugby league in general. But the club has become such a laughing stock that we've become easy whipping boys, and we have noone else to blame but ourselves. The last 6 years have been an absolute farce from the Warriors, starting from the top down. Some of the coaching, recruitment and retention decisions have been amongst the worst in the club's history, that combined with the fact that the culture of the place was clearly an absolute joke. Does anyone here remember how much shit Souths copped during their years of shite performances? They copped much worse than we have, and they're a Sydney based club with years of heritage behind them.

We've won 5 games, that does not erase years of rubbish. You don't just get given respect, you earn it with your performances on and off the field, and this club has failed in both areas - hence it is not surprising the reactions we get from the league media in general. This year is a strong start in terms of undoing that poor opinion, but it needs to be sustained. I for one am still sceptical, so I don't expect non-supporters of the club to be any different.

This sums up my position beautifully.

We have seen this team go on winning runs before and it has all come crashing down in a heap.

Having said that, this does feel and look a little different. The team are winning games with good attack but more impressive defence.

I am not going to be singing from the rooftops and claiming we will win the comp or even definitely make the 8 until it happens because I have have had the faith kicked out of me by years of stupidity, underperformance and general piss-taking from this team.

I want to learn to love again... but it will take time.

Be gentle.


Slice of Heaven also has ties to when the Kiwis won the 2008 RLWC also (the team sung it as a chant). I have a feeling if the club can persist it'll become iconic. I was impressed by the club making the change TBH.

Yes it was absolutely mint when they broke into singing it spontaneously. I can still remember it. Something like
"Bah bah bup bup bup bah bah bup bup bup" etc etc

That 2008 match and Ricky Stuart before the game being so cocky "As long as we execute we will win" etc..and then him realising that he would never coach Australia again so he launched into the refs. The whole thing was delicious. One of my fondest memories.
Well, I'm actually a big fan of taking the two when on offer in most instances. The kick should chew up 30 seconds to a minute plus you then get the ball back. Particularly with the refs blowing a few in the first few rounds you are almost certain you will get another one. Couple of penalties are the same as a try. Also it is not easy getting repeat sets, get it wrong and the opposition get a 7 tackle set from the 20. Instead make them have to tackle some more then have to turn around and get back to work the ball out.

I'm also keen on taking the 1 point before halftime if its on.

You been sitting next to my father, he's a big fan of a droppy on the first set that you get close enough to the posts. One point up and get the ball straight back then settle into the game proper.
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It gave the boys time to huddle as a team, use their breathing techniques and compose themselves

They did it against the roosters ie take the two when leading by 20 which pissed Blocker Roach. I think he joked “ a team that breaths together wins t...”

10 points also means 2 tries and a conversion ahead

Against the roosters the clock counted down when we kicked so it was a fantastic move. As someone pointed out in the last 5 minutes of the half the clock stops.

I think we missed a trick here and had we tapped the ball and run it we could have spent 60 seconds in there end making them tackle us.

That said I suppose I can grant being up ten points is better than eight, as they could have gotten a penalty and a converted try to tie it.
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If they canned one of those stupid segments they would have plenty of time

Watched it on Sunday for the first time in a couple of years, obviously the football is secondary to the humour, all good I suppose if that's what the shows going for, but two poms arguing over a piece of chicken doesn't have me booking it in to watch next week.
Just keep on trucking boys
I’m feeling the Jazz hands too when he’s on the field.
High energy rate
Good step and twist
Like someone mentioned earlier similar to old boy Lance (Chill I said similar)

I like options in the heat of battle with multi skill sets.... GO Jazz

PS: Shaun Johnson all Day

There was a tackle in the second half where mannering was pushing the boundaries a bit and jazz grabbed the back of his shirt and yanked him up to his feet.
I thought at the time- good for you kid.
You can see that these young guys really feel like they have a voice in this team and they're just ripping in.
Anyone know why we took the 2 to go up to a ten point lead with 4 mins to go. Surely we should of kept attacking as we gain no benefit for the extra 2 points and give them the chance to get the ball back from a short kick off in our half.

May not seem like much but tactical errors like that could hurt us later.
Getting a lot of love on the Big league wrap as well.

Way to go Warriors. They deserve the plaudits and the interest,

It's a great story.
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Anyone know why we took the 2 to go up to a ten point lead with 4 mins to go. Surely we should of kept attacking as we gain no benefit for the extra 2 points and give them the chance to get the ball back from a short kick off in our half.

May not seem like much but tactical errors like that could hurt us later.
In the new era of Ref crack downs and penalties, statistically the teams who have been kicking at every easy opportunity are the competition leaders.
There is such a high chance of getting a string of penalties when you are pressuring the line now...that a potential start on half way makes it well worth it.

Keeping to good habits is what it is about I recon.

Plus as someone pointed out, you eliminate one of the pathways of your opposition back into the game...i,e a TRY and conversion places them within one penalty of catching you.

The other thing is this side can repel so much that buying a rest for five minutes of tackling is probably a pretty safe option.
Different story if we were not one of the best defensive teams in the league.
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