Post Match NRL 2018 - Round 4 - Roosters vs Warriors Post Match Discussion

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01 Jan 1970 12:00

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My favorite bit was seeing the roosters score an easy try and then the tried EXACTLY the same, but this time we shut them down.

It looked to me we were learning during the game. Roosters looked a bit shocked as well.
And that move was all they had. The first time they did score way to easily. But then they kept going to it and failing and they couldn't or wouldn't try something else.


Long live the Rainbows and Butterflies
Yeah, I've gotta say, I've been pleasantly surprised at our discipline (touch wood) in the play the ball area. I figured we'd be constantly screwing that up. In general, our discipline was phenomenal this week. Almost all of the penalties we gave away seemed to be cynical / purposeful ones and not stupid piggyback ones.
yea but to be fair it was horrendous the week before
The adjustment to the Roosters try scoring move (Halves both playing the same side of the Ruck creating an Extra man to put outside the Warriors Jamming in) to Fusitua holding his position and spreading as a line has been a feature in many of our defensive plays this year.

Go back and watch the Rabbitohs carve up our edges when we Jam in and you can see the progression.

The Perth game was won by scrambling efforts of individuals when Jamming in left us exposed, the Roosters game was won by sliding defence.

So we are using both systems, Jamming in and sliding.

The opposition are scoring early when we Jam in, but they lose their way when we switch.

The other thing I loved in that game was seeing the Roosters make the same mistakes of the Rabbitohs and Raiders....they tried to hammer us in front of our posts with their size.

That just plays into our hands, the middle is where our defence is impenetrable.

Hope the Cows try to go through the middle, unlikely though since they are like us with wide forwards running angles.

The Titans gave us the hardest time with their mobility up front, that is where the Dragons will pose the biggest threat of anyone to this team (nothing new there).
Watchin replay credit to Ken for going for outside man and making try saving tackle. Gotta say although it didnt pan out for Thurston - too bad - but I enjoy watching his knowledge as he plays. He as usual was everywhere and keeping a keen eye on Tohu Harris all game long but he aint as sharp as he use to be. Its crappy to say but it reminds me of games i hve watched where a team or player is just so skillful (stirm anzac game, sorry i will never speak of it again. Sorry - edit - nothing touchin that anzac game YET, storm sublime) it is rugby league epitome - it is just a joy to watch. Warriors v raiders round 3 is right up there. Its not go warriors any more for me its keep going and get it done
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