General NRL 2018 Round 4 - General Discussion

I saw him do that during the game not to sure if it was the same instance or not but I remember watching it thinking that's a nice way to talk to your team mate. Edwards wasn't really that slow getting up either as he had two tacklers on him. Was also thinking during the game Moses would be frustrated seeing as how his old side has turned things around under Cleary.

Also mentioned on NRL 360 last night about possible Raiders recruits for the halves than they mentioned Corey Norman and Brad Arthur are butting heads. The Eels games I have watched Norman is barely noticeable compared to the last few years where he has been a big threat.
I was at the Eels and Tiges game, Norman is just catching and passing, wont take the line on. Moses is at least having a crack and showing a bit more passion than that pretender of a captain Mannah