General NRL 2018 Round 3 - General Discussion

Roosters are giving away their usual cynical penalties....chances of one of them being sent to the bin ?
Poor refs are going to have nightmares this week thinking do I blow the pea out against the Rorters or the Warriors for the first ten minutes next weekend!!!!
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Just saw a snippet of Garth Brennan’s presser on Fox. Seems like a pretty calm dude, taking the smashing they got in his stride.
Made me wonder how Ricky Stuart would’ve reacted to the same shellacking...
Sure wouldn’t have been pretty hahaha
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Very interesting to see that all the lowly rated teams that started hot are now getting found out a little bit. Except the fucking Warriors!!!!
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Mr Bob

I am alittle worried now that we may have played the easy beats of the comp that last 3 weeks

Roosters will be real tough to beat at home next week.

They will either knock us back to reality or confirm our position at the top.
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Knights beat a extremely clunky Manly and then let 30 points in against the Faiders. This was easily possible, Roosters have strike delux.