General NRL 2018 Round 25 - General Discussion

To be the best... We have to beat who ever is on the other side.

Bring it on.

If we get the right level of excitement about being tested by the other team..

We will be unstoppable .. Any doubts and we dont deserve to be there.
Like it J-Bob.

We deserve to be there, we have the firepower, and now the fitness and defence to go all the way.

I believe, and so should every Warriors supporter.
Brad cunting Parker is going to be the reason we get sent to Suncorp. Legitimately the shittest winger in the comp. Dicks for hands, slow, shit defence.

DCE is doing god's work. Two try savers and he's already set one up. He's doing his best to keep it competitive (and to keep a Panthers vs Dragons shitfest from happening)