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Ever Hopeful

The worst part of the bunker is how inconsistent they are. That would regularly be called obstruction this year.

I can live with the Sharks player stepping out being missed, it happens. Are they just allowed to tackle a player out of the way if they are not touching the ball though? You can't pull a player back from reaching a loose ball - seems the same to me. The defender had shielded the ball well as he is entitled to do.

I will say this though; the Sharks look good...very good. I hate the Sharks!
That sounds better if we're playing Penrith, even though Maloney is quite capable of killing us again.

Gotta get through the whole series to get to the big dance.

We can. But will we?

My concern is how we handle the occasion.

Anzac - yikes
Indigenous round - another hiding
Mannering's 300th - just about

So projections for the next week are for a possible slight improvement

Or an amazing transformation and a dominant win.

Or a repeat down trou
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