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Warriors Orange Peeler
Jun 21, 2012
Mt. Wellington, Auckland
NRL 2018 - Round 23 - Bulldogs vs Warriors Post Match Discussion
Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs vs New Zealand Warriors
ANZ Stadium, Sydney
Bulldogs 4.jpg

Thread to share your thoughts on the Round 23 game between the New Zealand Warriors and Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs after the match. Name your Man of the Match, discuss the coach, captain, starting team, bench, opposition, game tactics, substitutions, errors (or lack thereof), penalties (or lack thereof) highs, lows, refs etc.

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Dr Faggot
Mar 30, 2012

Didn't deserve to win.

Disjointed in attack and weak as piss in defence. No match awareness. Let a busted centre in Josh Morris run like 40m on the 4th to set them up for a field goal.

We sit 8th and that is a very accurate representation of where we belong.

Would not be surprised if we imploded next week against an under-strength Panthers side.


Warriors 1st Grader
Jul 13, 2014
Defense was horrid when it counted.

Bottom of the table team looks like champions once again.

Ground Hog Day?

Ever Hopeful

1st Grade Fringe
Feb 24, 2013
Is McFadden the offensive coach?

I know our defence was poor today, but our bigger long-term problem is how little we have in attacking structure, variation and set plays, which is quite ridiculous given the arsenal we possess out the back. How can we possibly be one of the lowest point-scoring teams in the comp (only 5 below us)? This is not where I saw us lacking in 2018, especially after the first few rounds.

Perhaps Payten can fix it in 2019.

The only consolation is that most of the top 8 teams are slipping up in games they shouldn't lately. We are not alone...close comp (he says trying to convince himself)
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All Out!
Jul 15, 2013
Probably gonna go against the grain but I’m not as disappointed as I thought I’d be, Dogs have despite their results always competed through adversity and managed a couple of decent scalps.
Though we showed decent composure in the second half to get back into it and almost take it to golden point- if not for 8 shitty ref influenced points right before half time we likely win.
A loss isn’t necessarily the worst thing to happen 5 wins in a row is now easier than the 8 wins that would have been needed. At least now we shouldn’t be complacent

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