Post Match NRL 2018 - Round 22 - Warriors vs Knights Post Match Discussion

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01 Jan 1970 12:00

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Tevaga was good but being at the game you see how much running he does in defence and he gets totally knackered and then makes a mistake.I admire his drive to go after every player with the ball but he gets so tired he makes mistakes in handling or defence. When Ponga made that half break down the left near the end that was because Jazz had not got back quickly coz he was puffed. He recovers pretty quickly but seems it would be better to try and conserve some energy and hold in his own part of the field. I think that is also the cause of his handling issues.
Bro.. u just described me every week haha. Last week i thought we played shithouse until i rewatched it and realised it was in fact epic
I swear like a looney at the team during the game...its the Warriors...its Rugby're allowed to go mental for your mob.

After the game, win or lose, I wait at least an hour before commenting in the after match thread...gotta wipe the drool off first and wait for the eye balls to return to their sockets and the veins in the forehead to disappear you get the picture.

Just wish I could transfer that energy to the team some days...they would be unstoppable lol.


Warriors Orange Peeler
Rated it an A. Just felt towards the end that they took they foot off the Knights throat when I was really hoping for the floodgates to open. Our points differential could have benefitted hugely from it.

Was pleased to see Shaun Johnson mark up on Kalyn Ponga so well early in the game. It was like he was telling him, "Get fucked mate. I'm the star around here". Towards the second half Kalyn played mainly on the opposite side of the field to Johnson.

Roger Tuivasa-Sheck! No new superlatives to add that haven't already been thrown his way. By the end of his time with us he will be the greatest Warrior ever...
Like others, an A which would have been A+ if we'd put them to the sword. Having said that, these sorts of games are the ones we would have lost for sure a few years ago, so I'm thrilled with an A.

I've ragged on Blair for being pretty anonymous for most of the season, but what a different player we've seen in the past fortnight. So happy to see him earn his pay.

Another player I rag on that deserves big ups is Shauny - his tackling the past few weeks has shown a heap more grit and determination than I remember seeing from him since, well, forever really. The lad's mindset needed to change, and he needed to lose that preciousness that he's carried for most of his career. I'm hoping this is the start of a more grown up Shaun Johnson on the paddock.

Most of what we need to improve upon is more like fine-tuning than anything else, which is amazing considering the basketcase of a club we were for a while there.


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i really rated this game for something that has been missing even in good games this year, composure. When they started everyone knew they had the potential to get a massive score or let it all go tits up. However they looked calm, they acted calm and they moved as a unit. There was a different type of intensity to the team this game. It just looked more professional and less random. Even in games where they have made a greater score they always have looked a little shakey. This was the first time i felt comfortable in the first 5 mins of the second half. I think this is the attitude that builds legacies. rated it as my first A
Definitely could have scored some more points but when you hold the opposition to 4 points, you don't have to score too many to get a healthy winning margin.

Think that's what I was most impressed with was after conceding an early try, we didn't let any more in.

The back end of the first half seems to be when we are most dangerous.
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Shaun Johnson's kick chase was pretty awesome the first half, he was kicking and then would be first one down chasing his own kick and tackling Ponga or shutting off a running option. Not something I have noticed from him before. That didnt seem as prominent in the 2nd half but he wasstill getting there.