Post Match NRL 2018 - Round 22 - Warriors vs Knights Post Match Discussion

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01 Jan 1970 12:00

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Warriors Orange Peeler
Jun 21, 2012
Mt. Wellington, Auckland
NRL 2018 - Round 22 - Warriors vs Knights Post Match Discussion
New Zealand Warriors vs Newcastle Knights
Mt Smart Stadium, Auckland

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Thread to share your thoughts on the Round 22 game between the New Zealand Warriors and Newcastle Knights after the match. Name your Man of the Match, discuss the coach, captain, starting team, bench, opposition, game tactics, substitutions, errors (or lack thereof), penalties (or lack thereof) highs, lows, refs etc.

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Ever Hopeful

1st Grade Fringe
Feb 24, 2013
Two more points. Love it.

The Knights were tough, especially at the start of the game, but they will be black and blue after this. Look forward to a cold Auckland night in the ice baths! Papali’i tackles are really dominant. He is so strong and when his body bulks up I think we might see a massive change in the impact he creates offensively.

I think our long kicking has been underestimated this year. Shaun Johnson and Green find a lot of space. It wasn’t so long ago that we seemed to be getting dominated inside our 30/40 followed by a kick down the opposition’s throat set after set, week after week. Our long kicks are hitting turf and giving us time to get up in their face.

Night games at Mt Smart don’t really suit us anymore (apart from the power of some of our backs of our line). Especially when the ref tries to keep the game running by not blowing the pea out of the whistle, as the wrestle kills all momentum in heavy, greasy conditions. Just thinking about that, I wonder how different Shaun Johnson’s career might have been if he played his home games on some of the dry fast tracks of Australia. I think Roger Tuivasa-Sheck has struggled with this in his time here. It just shows you how fantastic he is as an all-round player that he can be so elusive and strong in other ways. For this reason it wouldn’t be a total disappointment to play finals in Oz.

I love how angry Ken is at the moment, seems to have a bit of niggle in him. A long time coming.

Also noticing plenty of man love between Green and Mannering. I hope Blake will be alright next year!

Jazz is throwing a few pesky offloads.

It would be really great if we could start contesting offensive bombs.

Surely Lawton would be more versatile as an injury-only 17th man? Would rather have another big boy myself, but I guess that depends on whether our forwards are setting the platform for Jazz to play as the rangy forward that Kearney wants.
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May 21, 2013
Really dominant go forward, spine given a dream ride and did bugger all with it if we're being honest. Though they were offside on their line everytime. Cecchin leaving won't hurt us.

Defence good which is always the most important thing with the woe woes and never looked troubled so good job.


1st Grade Fringe
Feb 24, 2013
One of those games where the passes don't stick and the ball doesn't bounce our way. At least we won but I still feel dirty on them?
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We ran for over 2000 meters tonight, I sense we could’ve doubled our score in better conditions.

Great effort from the boys, sometimes the games your suppose to win prove the most challenging, the Knights are a gritty side no doubt but we were a peg above them and showed we fully deserve to be in the top 8 and play finals.

TBH we looked a little reserved tonight, probably due to the conditions but if it’s a dry track in Sydney next Sunday arvo let’s hope they release the shackles a bit and put on a show like we saw against the Donkeys in Brisbane, with our players we’re a far more dangerous proposition on a fast track.

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