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I don’t know about that man the Dragons are rushing up a bit quick and the penalties have all been for offside. Just looks like they got to pumped up and forgot to stay calm and play a normal game instead trying too hard to make a point

Sure but if you are a St George Illawarra fan you are pointing to the 7-1 penalty count as a big factor to that first half.

I am sure we got pinged a shed load against Eels too - except the Eels were awful against us while they look really good out there. They seem to have about 3-4 playmakers who now how to shift the ball.

I can see why they had big expectations at the beginning of the year. Getting rid of Taikarangi out the starting line up was also a good move - I have it in for him.


Just another day in paradise
It’s a beautiful thing seeing the dragons get smashed, but I fear we are not one too many games behind to overtake on the ladder!
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Is Hayne trying to give all the little kiddies nightmares? Reminds me of the Eels player several seasons back who got an owie to his shnozz which made it bleed, so he spent the rest of the game with two plugs up his nose held by an around the head bandage. Looked very weird/spooky...

Hope the Eels absolutely thump those Dragons.

Torn as to which team to go for between the Storm and Sharks. Obviously, if the Storm win we stay at 6, but I have an in-built reaction to go for whoever against the Storm because of the salary cap stuff.

Yeah. Nah. Stuff being 6 in Rd 22, Sharks it is!

Raiders over the Tigers, too.
Anybody struggling for coverage just connect your phone to this pic
If the Dragons continue to disintegrate without Widdop, its not inconceivable that they fall out of the 8 altogether. If they lose to the Tigers next week and the Tigers keep winning and Dragons keep losing, they could drop out of the 8 in the final week.