General NRL 2018 Round 22 - General Discussion

Flap Raiders let us down 2 weeks in a row, Tigers still have a chance at us not just broncos. Flappn Panthers scrape threw another. And the storm, when you need them to win. ugggggh. Dragons went our way but the sharks losing and panthers would have helped a lot given teams and their run in to the finals to leave a chance at the 4. ours isnt too bad, doggies, panthers, faiders. So I guess in theory that Panthers spot is sort of in our own hands so to speak. win all 3 and we make the 4 more than likely if the dragons and sharks dont win all 3 which i dont think they will. Could this be the big slide ive been waiting for from the dragons all year and out the back door like prior.

Do we have Harris this week? I can see all these wooden spoon fighter stepping up to avoid it, so we will have to treat them like a top 8 team, and the raiders can destroy any team if they just could string too halves together. the panthers will clearly be our biggest challenge.

Man Cummins loves to dish out the penalties, is there any way to find who the highest penalty giving ref is as im sure hed be on top. IMO 2 BS tries to the sharks and one BS disallowed to the Storm. was great to watch but im sick of seeing refs acting on tries they have know way of telling if the ball hit the pitch. send it up stairs as I dont know and let that ref make a call. there was no way that ball didnt hit the dirt but a ref 20m away can see that?

I reckon Cleary turned down Penrith based on Gould, nobody can trust his word after his last go there. I also doubt very much the tigers will lure nathan cleary in 2 years in Maloney is still there. in saying that, benji should be retiring then, so it might be a double play, spend large and buy cook from souths and they would have a mean team.

Val-Holmes is an AMAZING offensive weapon, but he has to be the worst defensive full back. out of position 9 times on defense. Roger Tuivasa-Sheck might not be the leading try scorer but his defensive vision makes up with the tries he saves (plus the 300m in a game), i always thought slater was one of the best defensive FBs, prob the best combo of offense and defense in the history of the sport.
Panthers and Dragons on slow death! which good for us

Dragons are dying fast. Panthers seem to have some kick left in their tail.

Broncos? Ummm they are always in the news so yeah.

Tigers could still make it.

I was hoping the Cowboys would do us another good turn this week but Taumalolo is out and I think they'll struggle without him.
We're clearly in the top 6 teams form wise. Outside the top 4, the Sharks and us are the only viable sides form wise that seem able to challenge for 4th and even overtake 4th on the ladder. Penrith seem incredibly vulnerable given their patchy form and the loss of Maloney, which opens the gap for us or the Sharks to take 4th spot. I really can't see any of the remaining teams outside the top 4 but inside the 8 (Dragons, Broncos) putting up much of a fight in the final weeks. Those 2 points that the Sharks robbed from us might end up being the difference the way things are going.