General NRL 2018 Round 22 - General Discussion


Funny. Tigers vs Dragons nek week. Broncos vs Rabbitohs. Sharks vs Cowboys. Us vs Bulldogs.
The first two could put the Broncos out of the 8 but the Broncos have a better points differential.

From now on every game is a final for the Warriors and I am sure that is the way SK is approaching it. He alluded to that in his post match when they asked him about taking the penalty instead of going for more points. I like it.:)
Pretty annoyed at my self, had the Cowboys picked all week and then dropped my balls at the last second.

Best not to start worrying about what other teams need to do or not do to benefit us, all we can do to control our destiny is win games.
absolutely..thats it..just win our games & see where it takes us..feels a hell of alot better than this time last year..over a few bourbons yesterday i asked my son..where the hell did we finish on the ladder last year lol