General NRL 2018 Round 21 - General Discussion

Any happiness brought by the results going our way this week so far are still dampened knowing we lost last week to the Titans.

Maybe another way of looking at it is if we beat Titans last week, we might have lost to Dragons due to attitude.
This might actually be the first weekend where results go our way this year.

Totally, how many weekends have the top 4 won by 2 points each, its been agonising. i think we can beat anybody but the storm. they just so professional. but you never no with the warriors.

Yep amazing watching Rapana in full flight, amazing player, first class.
Sam Williams conversion stats. 91% from 10 appearances this year. not shabby. he missed one though just then, i bet hes dirty. oh well got to miss one in every 10 lol, thats silly good.