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01 Jan 1970 12:00PM

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You’d think it would be surely. He has the size and skill to be a gun player, it’s just his attitude, especially on defence. He doesn’t seem to have that desire needed to go to the next level. Still waiting for it to appear anyway...
That has surprised me for quite a while. He had all the spirit and commitment in U20s. I remember the final where him and James Taylor and (i cant remember who the other guy was) were all that were keeping us in the game. Lisone made some huge plays, and played huge minutes. Almost kept them in the game after Taylor and the other fulla went off injured. I was so impressed with his big game smarts and leave it all on the fueld commitment. Then he hit first grade and it faded away rather quickly.


No luke and harris this week. We HAVE to win against the titans. Im very worried about the tigers potentially knocking us out of the 8. Tigers can win the next 2 weeks easy when we can lose the next 2.
I'm glad we are making sure Luke an Harris are OK.
This game even if we lose ..We are still 2 points ahead an in
The the top 8 .With our two best forwards fully fit .next week

It's a gamble from Kearney .I still think we can win this one .
Its probably good motivation for the boys not to get complacent
They will know they have to turn up.

For all this doom an gloom .We have been working some
Attacking plays down the other side .So when Harris comes back
We will be scoring down both sides .I really think with Pulu Harris
An Luke fit an firing we are going to be unstoppable.Pulu will add to
Our meters its an area we to be more competitive in .
How's our line drop outs though? We are at the next level .
We are going to be playing some great footy soon .
I see Lawton as the more creative of the two- he's more likely to create chances than Jazz. Jazz on the other hand is the stronger defender so I'd be tempted to put Lawton on first and if we start to lose momentum in the game and have to defend a lot of sets, bring Jazz on to substitute.

I really dont see Jazz as the guy that can change momentum in a game. Agree with you Lawtons more creative and for that reason I think Kearney would probably go the other way and start jazz with Lawton off the bench.

Start of the game defences are fresh, fresh forwards, fresh markers, less space around the dummy half area. Start Jazz, let him do what he does best and work his arse off defending from marker, control the ruck....then as the game goes on and that space becomes available through tired legs around the ruck, cut Lawton loose with his speed to make the most of it.

Seems an age since Lawton got his first run, and impressed. I reckon he'll be keen as hell to make the most of this opportunity as well.
Start Lawton. Play him the 80 if he can take it and we are dominating.

Bring Jazz on as a middle. Share dummy half role on set starts between our back 5 and Shaun Johnson until Lawton gets his breath after each defensive set.

Keep Jazz away from dummy half as much as humanly possible.

Excited to see Pulu get back out there again. Just want him to get through the game safely. With Iggy, Lawton and Pulu it will be like us when we play the Tigers lol.
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