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01 Jan 1970 12:00PM

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I like the team, i just hope Fusitua plays.

If we don't win this game, i think we might just start a mini-collapse and maybe finish 8th.

We'll be right bro. But yep I hope Fusitua isn't the bluff to sub for Beale.

Fusitua is so fucking lethal outside Johnson and Hiku.

But you know what? Even 8th.....I'll take it.

But technically I think after our next few heavyweight games we get to play a few struggling teams. Just gotta turn up right so we don't get the banana skin treatment from the wooden spoon candidates.
Its all good, panthers are having all sorts of do do going on so we got this - their minds won't be on the job.............. Phil Gould is such a tool, like to see the look on his face when we smash them - priceless....:):)
Wazzas got this 12+ all day... I reckon we may even add a lot more than that! Time to put that points differential where it should be. Fuss to score a double! Chur
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Big, big game for the boys. Need Shaun Johnson and Green to control the game Vs reserve halves.
Hopefully Ken, Fusitua and Kata can help lay the platform with the forwards out.

Sweet baby Jesus please let Sao have monster game.


Oh and if it's ok can you let Fusitua score an unprecedented 8 tries in this game?

Oh yeah and can Paasi bust the line off the first hitup and try to step the fullback but instead give him the bulldozer and score?

Oh and I know I'm pushing it but can you please make Solomone pass to his unmarked winger?

Never mind I know that last one is too much to ask.

Oh and the premiership in an epic grand final against ummmm Melbourne.
Must be a tricky mindset for Sao over the next little while.

He can almost bank on six games to put his best foot forward...while knowing that playing well didnt cement a spot for him last time.

Must be hard to get motivated from his position.

Go out there and stick it to the coaches mate.

What else is there ?

Make your point, rub a few noses in it.
Not going to have any help from the refs, and could he worse then usual. Warriors have to worst record under Chris Sutton then any other ref.


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