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01 Jan 1970 12:00PM

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We've all credited Corvo (our fitness, strength & conditioning expert) with the huge strides the Warriors have taken this year. Fitness includes game fitness and I don't blame the club for holding back Shaun Johnson and Roger Tuivasa-Sheck from playing a game in the US at high altitude when they've both have just come off injuries, not to mention player welfare. Same applies to Harris...didn't play half of 2016 because of an everpresent injury that is still being managed.
A new coach who, more than any of us who understands these things, who used the opportunity to test depth, talent and leadership...what's not to like about that?
Let's give them all the benefit of the doubt (and SK as well) and judge the Kiwis after the more manageable end-of-year games. Next year if Denver happens, is a whole other sttory


System reboot, see you all in '23.
Personally I see the Warriors as being far more important for the health of league in this country than the Kiwis.
I personally see it that way too. If the Warriors had won either of those grand finals, and been a constant in and around the 8 after winning a title. League would be far better off, than the Warriors being rubbish and a Kiwis team sitting at number 1 constantly over Australia.

I am usually always pro kiwis over Warriors aswell, but all 3 players had genuine reasons for the club holding them back so fair enough. RFM for instance is out for the season with a PCL injury, I personally thought he was well out of his depth to be playing 80mins on an edge in such conditions in his first international. Poor bloke, and poor team management really.
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Any word on Luke playing still a possibility? If not I think Lawton will do fine, he likes to run and hes quick. As long as dummy half runs are on and hes not running into defense. We really need to get the sharks moving backward, or standing still.

And we need to do the opposite and actually run at them in defense. Similar game to Rabbits with sharks being an up the middle team and a sprinkle of good outside backs.

And is Hiku any chance of playing?

Pretty good looking team regardless. As long as we jam that middle with like a fortress. Forwards need to be tackling like demons in the middle and reducing offloads from Fifita who already has 51 to his own credit so far this year. Cant afford second phase play up the middle or they will just run all over us and we will be on the back peddle the whole game, defending our own line and defusing bombs.

On paper our Roster is better, but guys like Fifita can really hurt a team.

Latrell Mitchell showed every centre how to play the position in SoO 2. Exactly what we need from beale, step and shimmy over the try line carrying some defenders. And awesome one on one defense, which to his credit he has been awesome at this year considering hes not a regular. This is the sort of game for him to prove his worth, and Gelling, 102kg 196cm, those figures suggest he should in theory be a hard centre to stop and also should be able to help out he forwards. I think though Gelling should be replacing Ken due to size, Beale is not going to get the ball with Kata, and I trust Beale getting the ball to Fusitua cleanly more than Gelling. I think that may cost us the game.

Lawton, Luke, Cook, Tevaga. Hooker coverage much? bit of a waste of selections imo. We need size in this game to match there forward power.
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It's a one off NRL game in a season where the Warriors have no excuses not to go on from here and make the finals.

They are well placed.

In a few years time which game will be remembered?

I think the biggest issue being lost here is that our club barred players.

They have no right to do that, but they did it because of tonight's meaningless game ( yes a singular NRL game at this stage is fairly low priority to the National team).

That is scary shit after they blocked Luke already...they will continue to block players moving forward.

The Denver test may well have been played at the wrong venue....but as an alternative to Australias Origin dominance....the test serves an important function.

No bloody regular season one time game can be argued as important.

The value of a Jersey is directly proportionate to a players desire to wear man has the right to try to redefine that legend built off the pride of players past.
Ain't karma a bitch.. ShaunJohnson7 ShaunJohnson7
Representing your country is the pinnacle either personally, professional or both regardless the format. Karma has a funny way of coming around, like when the NZRL didn't present their best team to share our code to the greatest sporting nation and England did the biggest memory of the Kiwis will be out shit national anthem..
If you think the Warriors, there's still plenty of water to pass under the bridge yet..
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