Post Match NRL 2018 - Round 15 - Cowboys vs Warriors Post Match Discussion

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01 Jan 1970 12:00

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What a crazy scary second half. I thought the Cowboys were going to catch us and beat us. I was just sitting on the edge of my seat.

But what defense. That's virtually won us games most of the season albeit the Storm, Broncos, Roosters and Rabbitohs game. I'm sure when we play those teams again at some point, we need to start those matches well in order to stay in them and defend well like we did against the Cowboys.

Shaun Johnson had another good game, Roger Tuivasa-Sheck had a brilliant try and a brilliant tackle, but bloody hell even though Kata passed once or twice he needs to do it all of the time.

But I'll take that as a win. We need to grind out wins like that, like the Storm, and Sharks do.

We stay in the Top 4.

Still it was a crazy scary second half.


Some comments on the game

1) Blair looked like an enforcer out there. At least he is our enforcer. Quietly going around doling out slightly dirty treatments.

2) They must have been pushing the off side line with their line speed in the second half. While our line speed was non existent. Mannerings' line speed was the worst although I thought I he in particular tackled Taumalolo well a number of time.

3) We got the rub of the green on the Taumalolo loose carry and that was a make up call.

4) The Beale knock on was the weirdest call by a ref I have seen in many many years. It impacted Beale's confidence too and he made a few mistakes afterwards. At 18-2 I was hoping we might run the score up but it wasn't to be.

5) Our coaches are slightly better than what we fans think they are. They identified that without Fusitua that we needed to go down the left edge instead. We inserted Roger Tuivasa-Sheck into that edge and all focus went on him which freed up the centre and wing. Magical piece of coaching and thinking. Kata actually looked really good until his fuck up on the try attempt. He scores that try and maybe we cruise to victory.

6) The Cowboys are a bit on the shit side. Crucial knock ons and dropped balls in the second half when they had us on the ropes. And also a bit unimaginitive with their play book when on offence. That said they had a good game plan for the second half. Get it out wide as soon as possible. I think they went 90 metres on their first set (is this correct).

7) For those glass is half full people who are thinking we should have won by more, we did have an injury to a key piece of our offensive weaponry, and secondly we had to battle strange refereeing.


Anyone have stats on blairs meters this year? Does he not go to prop when Mannering comes on? I feel like he we should lift his hit ups
Hes averaging 59mpg, which is 30m down from Broncs avg, so less than ideal. But he is also playing a different role I guess with longer minutes, and our edge rowers/back 5 take a lot of hitups. I don't really bother too much about his stats, because Kearney has him working quality over quantity so he lasts longer.

We got Blair here to be mr tidyup, which hes doing a great job of. I don't see his RPG improving, as a lot of what he does is the link anyway.

It's why I don't like Tevaga in the team coming on when Blair is there. Because it's a terrible duo for run meters, and we massively lose the middle.


You can see that Pappali'i is still learning his craft. He should have accepted the pass that led to an intercept and opposition try instead. That moment not withstanding though, this was his best game from a decision making and confidence perspective. He isn't necessarily getting better game by game, but you can see that he is now better than he was say 3 or 4 games ago.

He could end up being captain of the Warriors one day.


Anyone have stats on blairs meters this year? Does he not go to prop when Mannering comes on? I feel like he we should lift his hit ups

Here’s a good stat for you mate, 2.26 secs, Blair has the fastest play the ball in the side, one could argue a lot of the meters that get made after an Adam Blair run actually belong to him.

It’s a good example of the kind of detail he brings to his game that’s overlooked by many fans.

Mr Frank White

Hear hear.

Kids a fucking BEAST! Already favoured ahead of the legendary Simon Mannering. People need to chill out...
Exactly. No one needs to miss out. He'll take the place he deserves, and Manners will drop down the list to a level he's playing at. (ahead of Satae, Lisone, and Vete).

As for the poster who said that Manners shouldn't be in an attacking set play, needs to watch again.
He's got better distribution skills than Kata, who I personally was rubbish on attack last night.
The try he scored was terrible in my opinion and indicates he can't make the correct decision. He could've put Malo away untouched but just had to barge over. The butchered one was just horrific and could've cost us the game .
19. Let that sink in. He’s 19. His basics are very very good. Defensive reads are good. Tackling excellent. Good work rate. He’s developing all the time. Great talent.
100% agree.
There’s a reason Kearney debuted him round 1 LAST YEAR as an 18 year old..because he’s the real deal!
He just wasn’t quite ready for NRL level yet.
If our coach has inherited any of the ruthlessness of Mr Bennett then there’ll be no room for sentiment if Pulu comes back firing.
Only experience would warrant Mannerings inclusion over one of them come finals time, but with the amount of big game experienced players we have now it’s not as valued as it might have been.
In saying that I don’t think he’s past it by any means.
Will be interesting to see what happens.
Took a quick look at Cowboys forum and they are into Perenara as well. Every club thinks the Refs are against them.

In every game ever played the players made more mistakes than the refs. The problem isnt the refs it is the system they operate under.
I wasn't saying they were against us. Perenara was making bad calls both ways.