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01 Jan 1970 12:00PM

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What are people expecting the pitch to be like tomorrow? Warriors playing style this season suits what in racing terms would be described as 'good to firm' underfoot. I know all pitches are excellent nowadays compared to the mudbaths of say 30 years ago, but a bit softer from heavy rain and I wouldn't be as confident.

Game is in Christchurch so it could be frozen! Anlong way from the beaches of North Sydney.


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The bar owner in Auckland had some bad things to say about league fans. This is article is a lot more positive.

The owner of Head Quarters, Leo Malloy, is a 'crook'. Google him one day and look at his history or ask anybody involved in the hospitality industry. It wouldn't surprise me if he'd raised this story for other reasons e.g. Publicity, insurance. I know plenty of people who wont dine / drink at his establishments as he is a first class wa&ker!!!
I beg to differ on this point.

anyway Hiku to fullback is the best move. We bring in Beale and leave the leading try scorer in the comp, on the wing, where he has been scoring all his tries.
Yes true, plus it gives the option of more attack at centre with Beale. I just worry about Hikus positioning at FB, he should go ok?

Either way its great we can have a team like this and still look awesome on paper missing our best player.
Solid overcast day here, nice and sunny yesterday so it should be decent surface.

It did get very cold fast about 5pm yesterday, you'd think that the players will be trying to stay busy to stay warm.
As long as as its a fast draining pitch it should be a game where we can show off our offense.....

Good to know its not raining or hasnt in the last 48 hours. Cheers for update
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