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01 Jan 1970 12:00PM

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I’m no expert but surely they’ll keep Hiku on the right, in the role Lino played last week, with Green being first receiver irrespective of side. This would be the least disruptive and maximise Hiku’s familiarity with Harris/Fusitua
Thats kind of what I said, but evidently the gurus on here disagree. Either way I think it keeps Hiku in the game and utlises our best Centre, and when Lino/Johnson return, having on the bench covers a lot of players some of which are suspect to injury/coming back from major injuries. I still think there is value in Ayshford, who I took a long time to warm to. I think once we go beyond this one dimensional offense I think we will see Kata shipped to reserve grade and Hiku or Ayshford in the start. Both of which offer more offensively imo.
Another gutsy effort form the boys is needed tomorrow.

If we play it fast, and run the bunnies off their feet, we can take the 2 points.
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Green is the key. Along with Blair and Luke they have to keep the team playing direct. Middles running straight but using footwork at the line so the big Souths forwards cant plant and dominate.

Hiku is a good footballer just let him play his game without too much instruction in his head.

Fundamentals. Completions field position support play and defence. Like any game.
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