Post Match NRL 2018 - Round 11 - Eels vs Warriors Post Match Discussion

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01 Jan 1970 12:00

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Papali'i is good for his age and experience. Very good. Very very good. 19 years old, with 12 FG games. When he's 24 with 125 FG games behind him, he'll be 10 kgs heavier and an absolute beast ball in hand. We're probably looking at a Marty Tapou type transformation with his power-lifting background. Think Shaun Johnson level awesome. Very exciting prospect indeed. Shush everyone. We don't want the other clubs to notice.

Agree 100% with this. Think of Fusitua at 19, then look at him now...
i think Papa and a few of the yung ones are showing a bit of fatigue, just a bit but it only takes 5% to get shown up in the nrl.
For his age he's bloody brilliant, can't wait to see him mature. Another Corvo preseason and he'll be even better
Beale showed some smart foowork and a lick of pace. I always rated him as a good solid all round player like a John Carlaw but a couple of times he showed some flair I don't think i'd seen the likes of before and I watch my share of league. Or was it the beer goggles.

As far as i'm concerned every game is as hard as the last or the next so I take any win against any team and rejoice like its my last day on earth.