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01 Jan 1970 12:00PM

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Latrell is the form centre of the comp. He is guaranteed either a try or a try assist every game. They also basically lost to us last time by rejoicing when they heard Shaun Johnson was out. This time around they will be very determined and will target Lino. We need Lino to respond for two reasons, one, so that we win on Saturday. secondly because it looks like Shaun Johnson will be in and out all year, including possibly the playoffs, so we really need Lino to be a legit option at 7.
Like the team generally. Close to the 36-6 team, and now we at home. But look at the Roosters, and look at the money on them, currently second favs for the GF at sportsbet. That talent they have will snap some shi. up sooner or later. I hope we get away with a second one without them getting it together.

Nothing much we can do about the centres until Gerard Beale passes an ISP game. But if he goes on the Hiku side, Johnson creates half a gap for Beale, beale been the world class player he is, steps to make it a full space, runs through space, 40m to go and just the full back to beat, classy pass to Super Fusitua to continue his top try scorer of the season.

Our centres are pretty horrible at offensive foot work, but they can pass ok. But what Hiku did last week was sooooo stupid costing Fusitua another try by running into a player. Use your head. He should have slowed down once the dummy run was played. So yes it will be a joy to have Beale in that position. Kata Im not so upset with, at least his head is switched on, like that quick tap to get a penatly the last game. His defense is solid.

Id like to see Papali'i start every game this year but Im sure there is a reason for it.

Lawton is a good bench utility, covers hooker, technially the halves but we have a better 6 in ISP, center and winger. A bit of a Lolohea with the added bonus of covering 9.

Im calling Win, Im not sure this one will be a push over, Im thinking we will lead the whole game but they will keep chasing us, something lik 8-10pts, so a -12 win imo. Just going on them struggling to win a 2 point game last week, the talent they have, and we just dont know if this week is the week they finally turn up. So im being cautious. If they fully turn up and we arent switched on, they have the potential to burn us like the Storm did. I very much hope they are taking this as a very tough game not a push over. In saying that Lino and Green just commanded respect the last game, both had everything from 5th tackle punts to pin point bombs to deft in goal kicks. I expect to see that again, Completions and Posession, earning mistakes and penalties on their try line through pressure. If that 36-6 warriors turns up, a solid 8-10 win imo.

Lino's 75% odd efficiency should hold up and hopefully improve. Hes not a go backwards kind of learner and hes definitely no Maloney on defense. I expect end of season he will be up there with the rest of the team. He might she short but hes no push over, hes got ultra stocky quads just very tough upper body. Our up and commer half in ISP is looking the good too at 85% in ISP and a whole lot of good half back stats. We are set for when green decides he wants to leave but we will have gained something from it, not like when that kiwi guy played for us, whats his name, man that was a stupid buy, i said at the time he will play 1 year of rubbish and be off.
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funny how everyone is hoping we dont get a melbourne lino performance. tough to even label that as our forward pack were completely and utterly useless, not to mention the rest of the team.

if our middles dominate theirs then lino will be fine, roosters worry me purely by how much talent they still have on their books. our boys need to come fired up. im confident bunty and paasi will bring the rage from the get go though
Bang on, anyone blaming anything on Lino for that game needs the head read and watch the game again, and how well he did in the second half when we had our forwards doing their job. He wasnt even a reason to blame the Storm game on, wtf. They just played insanely freaky deaky footy the first half and would have put 40 on the two best half backs in the comp, lets be serious.

Prior to that he was insanely good against Roosters and prob MotM, against Dragons he was also up there with Green. Green is passing on some valulable knowledge to Lino, that Lino cant get from Johnson. Its a match made in heaven for now. The big test will be when Green is injured not Johnson.


System reboot, see you all in '23.
I’m more worried about Latrell, marking up on Hiku, he could have a field day.......
I think the weather will play into our hands in that regard, I wouldn't expect a Storm repeat anyway. The Chooks have worst completion rate in the comp, be surprising if they tried express early width to isolate Hiku in the wet. We used the weather, and slide D to reasonable effect vs Dragons, so hope another repeat like that.


Speaking of slide D. The Dragons used it all night against the Storm to counter them going wide. We just didn't slide at all in that infamous first half.
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Speaking of slide D. The Dragons used it all night against the Storm to counter them going wide. We just didn't slide at all in that infamous first half.

Might have something to do with Cameron Smith engaging those A & B defenders. Once that happens it's a lot easier for the attacking team to isolate players on the fringes.....ala what Storm we're able to do with Lino and Hiku.


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Bang on, anyone blaming anything on Lino for that game needs the head read and watch the game again, and how well he did in the second half when we had our forwards doing their job.
The damage was done in the first half and it wasn't his attack but his poor defence that you might wanna go back and watch the game for. TBF he wasn't the only one getting targeted on our flank but the tactic of hiding him inside the winger so he doesn't have to square up in the middle was sorely exposed...
Confidence is a lot to do with it and a defensive director like Tohu Harris.

Tohu Harris is the right edge.

Mitchell scored off their set play but after that the right edge adjusted and there was no outflanking our slide.

If you watch that Mitchell try....two of our defenders were backing up instead of coming forward jamming in....Fusitua gets left short because the Roosters had too much room in the lead up.

Cleverly the Warriors dropped Jamming in for sliding when the Roosters ran it the second time.

Against Melbourne....without Tohu Harris....they were making it up as they went along.

No one shape.

I'm sure Kearneys had that right side practicing for that set play where both halves join the left attack to flank our right side defence.
Completions will be key which is a Warriors strength thanks SK 2017.

Kicking game another strength equalled by Roosters.

Wet weather DH vital. Massive advantage Friend v Luke.

Bench looks good for us. Lawtons speed will be good.

Back 5 love doing hard yards. Perfect night for Kens step.

As long as they have right attitude they should win easily.
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