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01 Jan 1970 12:00

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It's Kearney. We could also have Tohu Harris there...

Lawton has been talked up as a half, buts he's been good at hooker the last two games so I think he should stay in that position. If Luke is passed fit, then Lawton should be coming off the bench - is definitely the long term answer this year in the absence of Roache.

I didn't see Zac Santo playing in ISP yesterday. Was he injured? Haven't seen too much ISP this year but noticed him playing in the halves a couple of weeks ago and he made a decent line break. Is he any good at 7? Does anyone know if he has a kicking game?

Santo has quit and is playing for Townsville Blackhawks
Haven’t seen much of Hayse. Reckon he’s ready for the jump to first grade?? Still only quite young isn’t he?

In Linos defence, I’m not sure any half could have done a great deal behind a forward pack that got bashed
Hayze is classy but dont' think he is named in our top 30 so can' be called up can he?
Is a fullback anyway, couldn' throw him into the halves in 1st grade from nowhere.
Love it how a ref can penalise a player and say "That's two times, now". How the hell can something be a penalty offence only after it's done twice? High, no-arm, dangerous tackles let go for nearly the entire match? That there is a ref due a bollocking by his bosses, and if our club doesn't follow up on that, then they're just as gutless as most of our pack was.

And those others here saying we tank for a big occasion... fuck, you're right, but it goes way beyond pre-match fuckaboutery or a week of distractions. Our guys don't seem to use the moment to boost themselves, it really does look like they have an adrenaline rush before the match, and it drains them.

But to me it still mostly looks like that in an effort to step up and make people proud, our guys get into that death sentence of playing hard, not smart. Guaranteed loss. When they get an opposition who plays clever footy, they're fucked. When they get an opposition who plays thuggish, they get shell-shocked. Add the loss of energy from pre-match hype, and it's a recipe for disaster.
Hayze is classy but dont' think he is named in our top 30 so can' be called up can he?
Is a fullback anyway, couldn' throw him into the halves in 1st grade from nowhere.

He was on a development contract but then they announced he was "upgraded", though didn't say to what. Lot of rumours at the start of the season though that the club were keen to get him into the top 30 to prevent a repeat of Nanai.. He's played halves at the schoolboy level apparently and you'd think playing there would have to be what the clubs thinking long term after signing Roger Tuivasa-Sheck for 4 years.
Im looking at these stats and thinking, ok its not a win but its not a 5-0 try and 6 kicks either.

tackle efficiency was 90.5%. missed tackles were even. Completion wasnt great, 16 errors vs 11, 71% completion. I guess the missed tackles are more when and where they were made that is the difference. Posession was pretty much 50/50. Its saying Peta Hiku didnt miss a tackle and only 1 that was inefficient.

I think it simply comes down to sometimes offense is your best defense and they didnt stick to wet weather plan. High completion rate, hit it up kick it on 4th if needed, wait for Easts to make mistakes, keep pressure on goal line with grubbers from Green and Lino. But also our defense definitely were waiting on their heals and not running up to meet the players enough.
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If the first melee had broken out after the no-arms challenge that forced Paasi from the field things might have been different. And someone should have clocked JWH for that late shot on Green.

Can you imagine Monty Betham or Kevin Campion putting up with that?

This is true.

As demonstrated by Awen "get the fuck away from my team mate you fucking cu**!!!" Guttenbeil.

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I love how we are 7-3 for the first 10 rounds. 70% and we are not satisfied is a sign of higher standards and expectations.

Stacey Jones spoke about the physicality being our Achilles heel.

In short - we suck when we get a hiding.

Which is strange considering were a mostly Polynesian/Moari team and the last thing we should lack is "physicality" on not just indigenous round but what was pretty much a Maori round which literally had warriors standing in front of us challenging the opposition and leading the charge. If that doesn't G u up the next round we need to have line dancers and yooddlers.
All good. Not panicking just yet.

We caned them in Sydney and they got one back on us.

Not any 1 player to blame for that. They just didn't turn up. The game was already lost when Jazz made a couple of errors and Sao in for Lisone would've made 0 difference. We were bashed by a more energetic team.

Back to the drawing board. 2 very important games coming up. Eels will be well up for it and Rabbits the following week who I fear could also give us a touch up if we aren't well prepared.
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Fuck the more you think about this game really just came down to who was gonna be the bigger bully. They came over expecting a war and played like it. Dirty shots, high shots, dirty plays and shoulder charges. Played the game exactly like it needed to be. It’s a real shame we got done like this. We weren’t outskilled like the other losses - this time we got our asses kicked, lunch stolen and made to look like bitches. Hope the boys remember this one next time we see those fucking roosters
This is true.

As demonstrated by Awen "get the fuck away from my team mate you fucking cu**!!!" Guttenbeil.

Farrk what an absolute legend! We definitely missed some of this enforcer shit on Sat. After that late tackle on Greeny, I really was wanting some of our big boppas to smash that grub JWH, sadly to no avail. If our forwards can add that dimension into their game but under control, it would be a big plus if a finals birth is on the cards. We can't afford to get dominanted up front and then sit back. Step up boys and lay them on their back!
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