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01 Jan 1970 12:00PM

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Well I'm not sure what to expect 2morro.. Perth aint been good to us.. so can accept a Perth loss in Rd1 rather than mid - end season when the 2 pts could decide a playoff spot... having said that..
Both teams may be pretty sloppy ... a matter of who gets their act together quicker .. our forwards worry me a bit.. both in defence and go forward.. usually hm teams win Rd 1 - so stick my neck out and go warriors - plenty of kiwis in WA ...
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**You don't know pain till you support the Warriors**

Little known fact - if you have to go to hospital with an injury, for fuck's sake don't tell them that you're a Warriors fan or they won't give you any morphine, assuming you're immune to pain.
The opposite is true if you are Elderly.....' Liberal kind to the old fool.....let him go gently into that long goodnight'
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The rollercoaster begins;
Usual pessimism at season start and in Perth but, some new players who maybe give a shit and Green has impressed so far which is a pleasant change for the halves.

Hoping for a win but more importantly I want to see us compete and show us they care about themselves, each other and the fans.

Warriors by 6. Janfin takes it!
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