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Of all the ex warriors this weekend (so many these days, remember when Nigel Vagana was like the only ex warrior in the whole comp?) ben matulino looked so weird in a tigers jersey. Hoffman looks cooked, this pleases me, once a great player, now just an old bloke, we didn't ruin him. Foran looks good, he can still play, if hes not injured, wearing alot of bandages though, his body will do him in eventually. Tui is so fat, but clutch kick, gotta hand it to him.


This year yet?
Parramatta looking pretty sharp but Penrith are just looking woeful, think it took them 5 sets to get a completed set
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Looks like there’s too many chefs in the kitchen out a Penrith, they look far from a top 8 side atm.
Was the sunday footy show/ sunday roast on today ? Couldnt see it advertised or even the new footy show with erin and Beau either ....??
Wondering if theres no deal with channel 9 yet ?