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Are you jumping on another bandwagon? If so which team?

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Ever Hopeful

Geez Dragons with Sims, Vaughan and Widdop would be handy. I hate injuries, they ruin the spectacle of big occasions. The Dragons sure have had some adversity over the past 7-8 weeks
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Long live the Rainbows and Butterflies
wow what a finish, so did the bunnies get a helping hand with that call from the ref to turn the drags around?
Looked like Frizzelle called Lomax out of that tackle so he could strip it. Brilliant stuff.
I know its risky and coaches like to minimise risk but I'd like to see more one on one strips. When it was first brought it I was expecting big game to be lost due to someone getting a good steal with the ball carrier not expecting it due to it not being used to often.
I just reckon 1 on 1 all good - fair competition - you've earned it, but if you use multiple players to start the tackle and make them easier to strip it's just a bit cheap shit.
Yeah I hear you.
The main thing for me is it’s an actual competition for the ball, which we don’t have much of in league anymore and opens up more chance for the unexpected.
Puts the onus on the carrier to to be more conscious of keeping the ball secure.
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