Post Match NRL 2017 - Round 8 - Storm vs Warriors Post Match Discussion

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01 Jan 1970 12:00

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I don't know what they're like off the field, but I've loved watching Mannering vs Slater over the years. A fair while ago now, in one particular match, Mannering was a beast with his kick chases to make sure Slater got no room to counter attack, and he fucking nailed him every time - not just making a tackle, but often he absolutely crushed him. You could see how filthy Slater was getting, so it's good to see that the rivalry there is still strong.
Loved the shove in the back.... if you gonna stand in the way prepare to get smashed!!
On the other hand in the first half Cronk was running block for Slater off a bomb and Hoffman was stopped dead in his tracks..... should have bloody run through the little turd rather than give up the chase!!!
That game was a real thriller. We were competitive against one of the top teams - unlike last week, where we faded late against the also classy Raiders - and I reckon we're going to trouble everyone from now on. No points, sure, but happier about prospects for the 8? Absolutely.

Lot to like about the performance, could have gone either way, and as someone else said earlier if we'd had the gumption to re-run the movement that got us our two tries, we could have pulled it off. I agree too about taking the first 2 - we should have gone for the try. Would have messed with the Storm's heads, too: did you see how they were heads-down after we scored first? A lot of them were thinking, "Bugger me, didn't expect this sort of tough game from the Warriors". They're a tough nut to crack but another first half try might have made them wilt a bit.

And for those in the "is it Foran? Is it Shaun Johnson making the difference?" debate, all I'd add is that both our tries came because the defence don't know what the hell Shaun Johnson is going to do (especially when he runs right up at them) so they drift in to cover him, opening gaps on the edge.

Individuals - Roger Tuivasa-Sheck getting better and better, one of these days he's going to run in a bagful of long-range tries, looking very sharp and fit. Mannering a rock as usual. Fusitua did v well, and Ayshford had what I thought was one of his best ever games for us, impressed. Gavet is a real offensive threat - especially the yards he still manages when festooned with tacklers (what I think the commentators are calling "contested meters"?). Luke is having more (and better) scurries from dummy-half. Shaun Johnson was our top Fantasy scorer, lot of tackles (21) under his belt. Not so good on the day - Kata, missing in action when on the field (maybe carrying something?). Roache - sorry, didn't look at home in first grade on that showing, and I agree with all the previous folks who have said we need a better interchange plan for Luke, he needs to be there at the sharp end.

Reffing - nothing to be done about it, but not great. Wasn't much better in the Roosters - Dragons game, some howlers there too.

And how I LOATHE the Storm's style of play: always on the very borderlines (and to be honest, I think over them a lot of the time) of pushing the limits of offside, slowing the play the ball, running blockers.

Never mind. On to the Roosters. Should be a great game.
Totally agree when Johnson is finally running to the line he is having the defence in 2 minds indeed but also his defence was tops this week.Hes a keeper
This year i am in the habit of watching metres gained. When the Warriors make consistently good metres per set i think theyre in this still good energy. Bout the 60min mark their metres dropped. Storms line speed had increased of course as well. Warriors line speed nonexistent. arriors didnt make over 40 metres fir about 15 mins and storm made bout 60 avge during that time. They also scored. Warriors dropped off and clocked off for the last 20 or so. Matulino didnt bring much impact, no one off the bench did. But the line speed and the visible drop in effort was telling. What can you do abou that?
Thats the piece of the puzzle i suppose we need to solve but on the positive side 4 games before we needed to solve the whole puzzle so all is heading full steam ahead
Warriors away record

2013 4 wins 8 loses
2014 4 wins 8 loses
2015 4 wins 8 loses
2016 4 wins 8 loses
2017 0 wins 4 loses

Was just looking at our away record for this year earlier today. Fairly early days, but 0-4 is terrible.

We defended pretty well on Tuesday, but again, like I said earlier in the week, we are still struggling to punish teams when the chance arises. So many missed opportunities that will eventually come back to bite us, as always.
What a game.
A game that could of gone either way.
Ignored all the little cheats like the refs do.
We were still in it.

Looking forward to this weekend.
Feel a resurgence coming.

Welcome back Benny, Solid hit out.