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01 Jan 1970 12:00

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This game I think shows we are not that far off. If Roger Tuivasa-Sheck had scored that try (great Raiders defence) we would of gone in at 12-14 to 6. Our biggest mistake was dropped pill, it just made us defend too much and was really frustrating, I would swap Ken with CNK to give us a bit more line speed, if we had abit less dropped pill and say Roger Tuivasa-Sheck or Katas try had been allowed I recon we would of come away with the win, which would of been a massive achievement to say the least. Gunna be another hard game next week, if we play like we did without the dropped balls we will come close again.
Similar to the Bulldogs game where we just couldn't turn all that possession into points. At least in this instance it was more down to some outstanding Raiders defense as opposed to an inability to create anything.

They has as much ball in the second as we did in the first. It was worth 14 points to them. We created 20 points worth of opportunities in the first but only came away with 8.

8 - 6 at half time didn't reflect our territory or possession and you just had a feeling it wouldn't be enough
For me it looks like Mau-Kata had lost to Lei-Pana before the game even started.

They'd probably done fuck all video work looking at how their opponents tend to attack, and didn't have any strategy mapped out in their minds to contain it when they hit the field. Ken certainly looks like he did zero tacking practice on a big body like what he was about to be facing. Lisone looks like hes the same shape and size. He could have helped him out to find the technique. And Mannering would have some advice surely.

It's like these guys don't give enough fucks about winning to prepare for the game ahead properly.
I think you hit the nail on the head. It did look like the battle between Mau-Kata and Lei-Pana was won before either team stepped out onto the field. It was no secret that Maumalo and Kata had their work cut out for them. Coming up against arguably the best centre/winger pairing in the comp is a dangerous proposition. However, these players should be going in with the mindset: I am going to dominate my opposite number and do everything necessary to shut him down. No ifs and buts about it. These players should understand that going into a game with a whipped attitude will only result in them getting whipped themselves.

In respect to the video work (or lack thereof) I am of the opposite view. Given Kearney's background of serving as assistant to both super coach Bennett and Bellamy, I believe that a ton of emphasis would've been put into reviewing the tape. Assuming that to be the case, the questions I would be asking is what, if anything, are these players taking away from the sessions? Are they learning anything? Are they listening and participating? Are they applying what they have learnt at practice and during games? Absolutely Ken should've been prepared for tackling a big body, so too should have Kata, Shauny, Fusitua and everyone else for that matter. I do agree though that Ken should've been more prepared given the threat on his side.

As you have rightly pointed out, Ken could've used Lisone or Manners to replicate the kinds of situations that he might be put in when facing the Lei-Pana threat. Manners has one of the most effective tackles in the game. You would be stupid to not pick his brain over tackling technique and positioning.

Lastly, I truly hope you are wrong about these guys not giving a toss about winning. These guys need to be preparing for success rather than setting themselves up for failure.
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Kata and Maumalo got absolutely dad dicked by Leilua. As predicted. We win that game if it wasn't for those two. Our main weakness isn't our forwards, its our outside backs.
On a positive, Roger Tuivasa-Sheck made a good one on one tackle after Canberra broke our line. When they went through I was thinking we might see an 80m try
Just want to mention that warrior hater Steve Roache is a no1 wanker and shouldnt be allowed to commentate any more of our games.Suck shit blocker
I've got no problem with this team. In fact I think we're premiership material.... If we can get out of mindset of using backs as forwards and forwards as backs. How many times did Fusitua Maumalau and kata take the ball up on hit ups number 1 2 and 3? Shit part was they were more effective than our "bigs" well of course they are, there fucking bigger than our bigs! Maumaloo is not a athlete he's just a gumpy kid stuck in a athletes body. If we don't get a speedy athletic co-ordinated wingerto replace him he's gonna lose us a lot more games by dropping balls, missing tackles and not having the confidence to outrun cu**s. I like Kata he tried and proven, just need him to make some small changes. Something didn't look right about Foran it looked like his missus told him one of his kids is actually Blockas before the game
Something that really irked me, Roger Tuivasa-Sheck selling the held up and strip over the try line when in fact he had already crossed the line and likely forced the ball in doing so. He could've celebrated going over instead of having a second go and failing for all to see..

This. The onfield ref would've likely gone up to the video ref ruling it as a try. The video ref would've had to say try as there would've been insufficient evidence to overrule it.

You have to use the rules to your advantage.
Lastly, I truly hope you are wrong about these guys not giving a toss about winning. These guys need to be preparing for success rather than setting themselves up for failure.
Of course they want to win.

Everyone wants to win everything they can (this is natural), but there's a threshold where winning becomes too much effort, or requires too much sacrifice. The six last year on the sleeping pills is case in point about guys hitting their limit with what they will do for victory.

I think these guys need to increase the amount of effort and sacrifice they are prepared to make, to get victory for the club, if we want to play finals footy this season. Big time.

They looked unfit. And the best way to get more fitness is to push harder during the losses. Play as hard and fast as you can right till the last whistle. Leave nothing in the tank every single game.

Cause right now our fitness is bottom 4 material. Which is criminal when we've got the smallest pack in the comp and the toughest travel schedule.

Blocker saying we've had 60% possession and we're out on our feet (even when the Raiders were also out on their feet) says it all.

I'm changing my opinion of Blocker. I think we need to hire him to come over and tell these players how it is. Cause you know he's not going to care about hurting anyone's feelings. He'd just rip in.
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Warriors Orange Peeler
This. The onfield ref would've likely gone up to the video ref ruling it as a try. The video ref would've had to say try as there would've been insufficient evidence to overrule it.

You have to use the rules to your advantage.
Watching the replay it looked pretty clear to me that Roger Tuivasa-Sheck hadnt grounded the ball at all. Not even close actually.

Amazing save from Crocker. Play of the match...
I think some people here aren't seeing the bigger picture.

A good football team can win games even when the calls aren't going their way.

A good football team can continue to create try scoring opportunities after having a few disallowed.

A good football team can maintain a high intensity for a full 80min.

Even if the refs had given us a few more calls or if Roger Tuivasa-Sheck had sold that try; our ill-discipline, lack of go-forward and soft edge defense still would have been caught out. The fact is we were playing like the team we want to be for 40min. For the other 40min we just weren't up to it. What we need to do is focus on improving as a team rather than getting hung up on these little things that in the long term won't make any difference.

The positive thing for me and I'm sure for all of you is that it's now clear that we're heading in the right direction. A few weeks ago I HOPED Kearney had us on track. Now I KNOW he has us on track. With a little more time and some gun reinforcements we can finally start to see a strong, competitive, consistent Warriors side.

All us fans have to do is be a little more patient and enjoy the ride.


Watched it again and not too disappointed TBH. The refs shocker allowing Hodgson to score on the back of his own dirty work rather than a penalty is pretty much the difference in the game.

Take 6pts away there and factor in a cracking try save by Croker, and one of our disallowed tries goin through and we have a pretty good representation of the game.

Kieren was quiet but not overly so, still coming back after all, Kens couple of issues surfaced again but he is doing too much forward work which is costing him.

We've d finitely improved and are starting to look like a stronger side. Maybe the Cleary consistency is unfolding here after all.
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First half by the warriors up there with the best for a tired worn out fan and second half well it became ground hog day. Yea refs sucked on some of those decisions and that has always been the case when we travel.Maumolo back to reserve grade buddy sure got the body of a bull but brains of a mouse a winger he is not. Kata same thing maybe the bull has turned into a steer. Last team on earth you want to go to and play is Canberra fck i hate their supporters the refs wear the same colours as the fans in their minds. The worn out look of the warriors in the 2nd half worries me considering they had Canberra under the pump in the first half but hey they look better than they have in the last 5 seasons at the beginning so now just bring on the Storm.
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Ken is always going to have games like that, just as Manu did.

or we could try something radical like we have done with the right side, play a winger on the wing.
We don't have any other wingers at the club don't you know.

None. We're a winger free zone. Maumalo is our only chance at fielding a team every weekend. (Sarc)

Without him we'd be forced to play a backrow forward on the wing. Oh wait....;)
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