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NRL 2017 Round 3 - General Discussion

R3 Fixtures.png

A thread for all 2017 Round 3 team lists, discussions, news and views. Serves as a team list thread and game day discussion for all games through the week (besides the Warriors one of course :) ). A new thread like this will open every Tuesday for team list Tuesday.

Feel free to add team lists as they become available people. Thank you...


Have to admire how much teams like Storm and Broncos make the opposition work for their points. No easy tries - opposition have to earn their points. Such a contrast to how we play. Gap is so damn wide between us and those kind of teams.
Gee ... I dunno about you guys, but I wish Slater had made his return against us ... Tui would have been the 2nd most spastic fullback on ground. Billy is playing like a deadset nuffy.
Slater is shitting on Tui even in his return game
Slater tried too hard and Cronk had a shit game. Very un-Melbourne like but they get the shit done. 3-0 while we are 1-1 with a 50:50 game coming up
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Warriors need to keep bulldogs in their half. Tight d thru the middle and number well on the edges if the dogs look to spread the ball. Keep the penalties and errors down. As long as they getting the dogs to their kick. Its upto manu and the backs to return the ball well. And wen have the ball we need to hold it and keep our ruck speed and our halves with a good 5th kick.


This year yet?
Kinda sad to see a bit of the old soccer diving for penalties from Melbourne (couple last week too) needs to be stamped out before it goes too far
Cameron Smith with the clutch. Hate and admire the dude in equal quantities...

And JT and Inglis.

Back in the day.
Craig Wing and Matty Bowen were mine.
Enjoyed watching them carve everyone up.
Then they play us and there is nothing but hate. lol
We could not catch them , some times i wonder if we ever did tackle Matty Bowen?
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