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01 Jan 1970 12:00PM

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I've haven't been impressed by some of the selections either, I see a few green but talented fringe first graders waiting in the wings but not much NRL quality anywhere else in the roster, for all the Warriors "talent" the cupboards looking bare for well rounded players without the rough edges.

Yes to fucking off the dead weight as contracts allow, Manu, case and point.

Yes to recruiting in NRL quality as the salary cap will allow.
I'm of the opinion they don't know the definition of recruitment. If we couldn't find 6 hard bastards playing A grade
in Sydney we might as well give up. These guys have come through clubs who wrote the book on junior development. While probably not having the same level of skills as a first grader, they would bring effort and commitment something we lack
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Fuck.... I'm more pissed off that the ISP team are without Hingano, Lino and CNK for their finals match!!

Oh yeah and thanks for the memories Foran... even though you didn't provide many good ones!
I agree, but I think it is positive. They might be able to show what they can do left to their own devices.
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Looks like Princess and Foran are on their cycle and are both suffering from a severe case of toxic shock syndrome.

Seriously though why the fuck are they out and why the fuck aren't they playing ? I don't understand it. They were fit last week unless they weren't and their coach was playing them injured in hope of securing much needed win in front of the home crowd. Yeah that's what he did, didn't he ? Fuck me. Fucking Kearney. Dude we are going to get killed !

NZ Warriors.

We had all of the hype about the Kiwi spine over the off season, with how things have gone it seems appropriate both halves would be out for the final game.:oops:

The draw the last few years has always seemed like we play away round 1, this year was an exception as it looks like the NRL may have picked up we hadn't had a home game since 2012 while everyone else has. So they through us a bone. It also feels like we are often playing away round 26 in the last game and with our time zone it's a late night. So we all stay up either hoping to get a win to sneak into the finals or watch our side fall apart one last time. But it does seem we usually stay up late to watch a round 26 capitulation. We may not always play late round 26 but we have had a few and also the NSW Cup finals a few years back also had the same disappointment.:(

Anyway after this....................toughest pre season ever.:rolleyes:
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