Post Match NRL 2017 - Round 25 - Warriors vs Manly Post Match Discussion

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01 Jan 1970 12:00

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Ken is only second to Roger Tuivasa-Sheck for metres made, tackle breaks and runs. I really think him and CNK would give us good balance on the wings, Fusitua in the centres and either Kata dropped or Ayshford to a utility role on the bench to fill in second row or centres if we get injuries.
Agree 100%.

I think Ken is proving he is worth persevering with. He's introduced the odd step at the line and appears to be more comfortable in using his pace.

Easy to pick holes but he and Fusitua and CNK give us good wing options.

I'll get shot for it, but I'm curious about Ken at centre and CNK out side him whilst leaving Aysh and Fusitua alone.

Sit a few out sorry Sol.

It brings Ken in to the edges and provides a genuine speed option outside.
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Yes, give it a go - give something a go, please. Anything but that failed process. CNK and Fusitua on the wings has got to be the way to go and then work out where to slot Kenny in.
Watching NRL 360 and they were going on about DCE's second drop goal,fair enough it won the game for them but what I saw is why I can't stand Matulino.That prick has gone dog and is shit lazy.
Ata is one marker and fuckwit Ben is the other.Everybody with half a brain knew what Cherry- Evans was going to do.To his credit Ata sprints out and shuts down DCE's right foot option so DCE props and starts to go left.
Lazy prick Matulino who is literally standing like a statue thinks "fuck I had better get moving" and almost charges it down.....the point is if he was half professional he would have charged it down and if he was a proper professional DCE would not have got the kick because of the off the ball work that Ata did would mean that Big Ben would have tackled DCE who would have just shuffled it on.
Watch it and see.........Matulino career and attitude lately summed up in a very telling 3 second play.
Piss off Ben you won't be missed.