Team List NRL 2017 Round 24 - Rabbitohs vs Warriors TEAM LIST

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01 Jan 1970 12:00PM

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Doesnt matter how man 1st grade games you have played but you have to have played 7 games ISP to play finals footy.

The other rule is you can play with less than 7 if a higher team (NRL team over the ISP team or the ISP team over U20s) are still playing finals footy but we all know thats not going to be an issue now dont we :(:(:(...
I knew the number 7 had something to do with it!
Looks like Roache being out hasn't let Luke off the naughty chair - Tevaga has been named to start at hooker.
No no no no no no.... Tevaga as a hooker stinks!!
Cherrington had a great game last weekend for the ISP side. Surely logic would dictate he would get a crack over a guy that isn't a hooker and has a slow loopy and only sometimes accurate pass!!

Not in Kearney land though...
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