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01 Jan 1970 12:00PM

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The Rabbits will be the big improvers in 2018 the Burgess twins have had a bit of an attitude problem since winning the 2014 GF but have had a reality check of late and are close to being dominant again and with the emergence of Angus Crichton and with the addition of Greg Inglis probably playing centre along with Dane Gagai yip the Rabbits sign Gagai the Broncos resign Jimmy the Jet and the Warriors resign Fake Aysford no farkin wonder we are bottom 4 Cotric burnt Aysford scoring the Raiders first try made him look like a plough horse chasing
Back to the topic Isaac Luke played behind a dominant forward pack at Souths Roger Tuivasa-Sheck played behind a dominant forward pack at the Roosters both have suffered playing behind a 4 cyclinder forward pack at the Warriors
Souths dominating forward pack to steam roll the Warriors George Sam to score Crichton a double and Alex Johnston a hat trick Souths by 30
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Yea cursed and living on life support which will shut down in 3 weeks and then I can recover my life again which is terminally ill every time I see the team announced.


Warriors Orange Peeler
How many first grade games would make them ineligible for the ISP finals? 4 of the last 7 or something like that?

Doesnt matter how man 1st grade games you have played but you have to have played 7 games ISP to play finals footy.

The other rule is you can play with less than 7 if a higher team (NRL team over the ISP team or the ISP team over U20s) are still playing finals footy but we all know thats not going to be an issue now dont we :(:(:(...
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