Team List NRL 2017 Round 23 - Warriors vs Raiders TEAM LIST

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01 Jan 1970 12:00PM

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There’s always next year.
Its going to be interesting watching Lino and Ata. See how well they handle the pressure. I fear they'll just be speed bumps on defence.
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Look at the bench!
still sticking to THREE fucking hookers???
What's this, Kearneys putting three hookers on the bench?

Maybe the Raiders will be distracted.;)
Btw only sign on fees count towards this years second tier cap. Match payment go onto next years.
So there's nothing stoping sk from selecting the likes of satae or cnk ( unless he's worried about $500 putting us over next years 9 million dollar cap.
The sipleys might be a different story but they should've got a go months ago.
The only pussys on the field is our forward pack (Mannering not included).
Waiting for our two enforcers Afoa and Lisone to ride rough shed over those Canberra tarts
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