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01 Jan 1970 12:00PM

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I look at the progress the saifiti brothers have made and wonder if the sipley bros could have done the same if they had been given an opportunity.
Guess we'll never know.

Na coach will just toss them in green as kermits dick next year and wonder why we can't get the results.
"we just wanna ahh focus on... Improving each ahh week."
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Since he debuted, have we ever won a game without Shaun Johnson?

I don't know the exact number, but the win % without him is crazy low.

It's an enigma; his talent is so precocious that, despite his deep (and in some cases, critical) flaws, he has the ability to drag this team to victory - on sheer talent alone. When he's not in the team, we just fall apart completely.

The what if's are as endless as they are pointless, but... man, if someone had just had the balls to move him to fullback early on in his career - there is NOTHING that he does a half back that makes him special, that he couldn't have done at fullback. The line breaks, try assists, grubber kicks, etc - those things that he does best - they could all be done from the fullback roll, allowing us to have an actual 7 to control the game. Shaun never really had the capacity to manage a game the way the great halfbacks could, and asking him to play like one did nothing other than cruel his natural instincts, blunting his greatest weapon.
Kearney's 'process' is actually quite a cunning plan.

It is to make The Warriors so boring to watch that when the opposition come to do a video review on us they go insane with boredom. This causes their players to start drinking heavily so they turn up to play us so drunk all our super slow plays seem lightening fast to them, the block plays literally blow their minds and the world's slowest wrap around is as baffling to them as a M Night Shyamalan film.

For the 'process' to fully succeed we need to somehow ensure the video's go to them with Darryl Halligan's commentary
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