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Haha - I have no idea. If I were to guess then perhaps it's just an overall negative mindset, players stop enjoying playing the game, everything just goes to shit
My worry about SK is right now he seems to be lost as to what to do next with these guys.

However, although everybody mentions he went to Parramatta after Melbourne and tried to model them on the Storm, he then spent his time at Brisbane under Bennett, who does not coach like the Storm, and doesn't even like Craig Bellamy. So the Storm was a long time ago and surely he learned heaps from Bennett, others have done.

Confucious says when something is wrong don't look for fancy solutions, look at the obvious.

The obvious things to me are poor defence, almost right across the team. Specifically consistency in defence. They are all capable of good tacking and defence, but they go to sleep. WTF Kearney can do about that I don't know. The obvious thing to me is why were they signed with that slack attitude.

Contrary to popular belief they are offloading, just not as often and in better positions. Against Cronulla they offloaded 8 times to the Sharks 11. You can apologise to SK now you guys.

Against Cronulla they were pretty close on every stat except kicking metres. That would show the value of Shaun Johnson, who everybody slags off here anyway.

As for enjoying their football? Stiff shit they are paid a lot of money to win, stuff the enjoyment, this isn't tiddly winks...but from personal experience playing with even one slacker in the team is not very enjoyable.
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Is this the reason why the Warriors are so p*** poor?

  • That’s the question posed by Sporting News' league expert Peter Peters as the Kiwi club heads towards a sixth straight year without finals football.

    “Is it significant that their real losing spell started when assistant coach Steve McNamara returned to Super League?” Zorba asked on Sky Sports Radio.

    “It’s a big co-incidence.

    “The pressure has to be in on (Stephen) Kearney.”

    Of greater alarm for the Warriors is their worrying habit of drifting from contention at the back-end of seasons.

    It suggests that both mentally and physically, the New Zealand outfit is just not up to it.

    “They’ve got eight wins in 41 late season games since 2012,” Peters pointed out.

    “So after Origin, when everyone gets back to full strength, they’re shocking.

    “We thought when CEO Jim Doyle and coach Stephen Kearney went there we’d see something different.

    “They’ve got one of the best spines on paper – and I know the halfback Shaun Johnson is out - but something is really wrong.”

    by Taboola
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Peter Peters is just a blowhard and full of shite. An older version of Blocker Roache.
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That's really eerie, great share - thanks.

Also quite sad and somewhat depressing.

Thinking it through, I'd steal Des and demote SK to the Assistant role vacated by Steve McNamara - it's time to get on with it.

Yup, Dogs are shit this year, however we don't know what's driving that - could be the forwards are sick of working for a novice halves combo with just ok outside backs.

I think Des got the reduced interchange wrong and contracted size over mobility and that has driven current status quo.

Somewhat irrelevant though, any guy who get's to the finals more often than not and rips doors off hinges clearly gives a shit, sees the value in ball playing second rowers (yes, I'm fixated on that presently), can develop youth and attract quality players over time.

Don't care about the rep - we sack coaches, we're already tarred with that brush, it would be worse to hold onto SK for 3yrs to try correct that rep.

Hire Des first and give SK the option of Macnamara's role or a ticket out. Campus contract is up so if we need to claw back REM Expenses that's where we'll do it.

With Des signed, we'll position ourselves beautifully for the impending Salary Cap overflow from other teams, players will want to play for Des with some of the roster pieces we'll have left.

Open to a better plan, but waiting it out with SK is not a better plan.
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