Post Match NRL 2017 - Round 21 - Warriors vs Sharks Post Match Discussion

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01 Jan 1970 12:00

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There really is nothing here
No process. No master plan
It's all a case of The Emperors New Clothes. They keep looking us in the eye and telling us lies that we have a fantastic team
And we believe them. Season after season we start with so much hope
The Warriors have no fucking clue. From Doyle down to the guy that cleans the dunnies. Absolutely no idea
What a waste of nearly a quarter of a century
Only watched bits of it again, wished i hadn't - bits that i did c certainly wouldn't make highlights reel, dropped ball seemed to be the order of the nite? I did however hear bits of um, you knows talk in the after match conference - seriously is this guy for real?
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finally warriors life support system turned off though that happened a few weeks ago. Apart from Mannerring the rest of the team can have a D grade fail mark. From what we were led to believe from beginning of the season about this was to be THE YEAR we degenerated to this gutless mess that we follow as a team. Any more flash signings that we see will come only for the money because we will never win a premiership with this set up. Roger Tuivasa-Sheck is not Captain material has shown nothing like he did while at Roosters but then again no one else does that comes over from a proper NRL team either. As a fan I am pissed off that we have made no great improvement from the last few years and I am sick of hearing wait til next year.

Mr Frank White

Not this Shit again, face's not the refs or the coach, this team is a pack of losers, losing culture with zero heart, it's the players, no one else. Manners is the only legend, the rest are a pack of thick as pig shit cu**s
If you notice I didn't say outcomes were because of x, y, or z, I said there were issues.
Warriors butchered that game, as with most. But if you think that was a competent display of reffing, you've got rocks in ya head
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Oh well I called it before round 1 the Warriors hadn't recruited so I couldn't understand how basically the same team that dropped it's balls in the last 4 games of 2016 were going to be any better in 2017, just because that idiot Doyle said differently and so many bought into his hyperbole shows what a spin master he is, I wrote and called him to task on many failings from 2016 that I saw, but he has yet to respond, hopefully he is a man of his word and leaves like he said he would if we missed finals footy again.
How a team with Le Chad smashed us just doesn't sit right with my insides, we have also not recruited for next year? besides Tohu Harris who have we got? the Knights are going gang busters and these moneyball idiots don't want to pay for anyone! have we resigned Roger Tuivasa-Sheck for past 2018? no one is asking these questions? why has Doyle been invisible for the last month?
Seriously why is Ayshford in the team? never once ran from dummy half? how does Lisone start over Mutts, why did they chop Mutts for 2018 and not replace him, I can see no finals in 2018. Fuck you Mooks you're the Kirwan of League coaches.
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That play they kept running where mannering gives it to Lino was a beaut.
Guess the laws of physics are against u when someone 6 foot 5 is passing to someone who's 5 foot 6.

Thats my memory of last nights game. At least 3 times Simon passes the ball 6 inches above Mason,s head. Mason cant catch it and it drops. 3 attacking raids doomed. Simon was aiming his pass for a typical 1.90 metre player and not allowing for Mason,s height difference. Later in the game SK benches Mason.
So 3 attacking opportunities destroyed 3 opportunities opened up for sharks. Mason gets benched and is probably scapegoated. I felt quite numb at the end of this game. Another season finished no top 8 for us. Turned on the end of the Parra Broncos game and watched it with a smile as Parra played attacking rugby league.
Blocker Roach at one stage commentated that the Warriors were just playing completion football and it doesnt work. He said people come in the gate not to see completion football but the old Warriors attacking style. The Warriors are currently boring their defence has improved but their attck is very poor.