Post Match NRL 2017 - Round 21 - Warriors vs Sharks Post Match Discussion

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01 Jan 1970 12:00

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I wish it were different, but no. Same pattern as last few seasons. Slow-death post-origin period. Are they not embarrassed that this keeps happening?

So it's that time of the season again. Deciding which other team to support.
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We lack go forward so Kearney brings in a 94kg wrecking ball.
Game over.
The guy who has worked his ass off consistently for a couple seasons makes his debut and knocks it out of the park with consistent performances at a try a game gets dropped for ball hog "thought it was the 4th, but will never pass anyway plus I was going to quit because too tough bro."
Game over.
The two guys responsible in a similar fashion to the guy above for last weeks disaster get another shot and come up with the same dumb plays at dumb times.
Game over.
Refs think we are a joke just like the fans and penalise us out of games before throwing a few late "even things out" penalties once the damage has been done.
Game over.
Due to fitness issues and a lack of ability in finishing out games, we still play a couple of guys for only 10-15 mins a game. Then use one of our interchanges on taking off our 7.
Game over.

So over it.


Watched the post match and wish I hadn't.

In summation: we are still in a process, the finals have never been a consideration, we have to work a few things out over the next couple of weeks, the halves are over calling each other and this world class spine can't communicate effectively - but Stevens not going to berate Mason for having a go after seeing something.

It's all a journey and we'll just keep chipping away at the process to improve next week, because it's all about getting better each week.

Other than that, it's definitely frustrating for Steven.

Gentlemen (and lady), we are absolutely fucked, I've only seen us in a worse space once - when we nearly folded near the turn of the century.

Enjoy your summer gang.

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Man major problems..

  1. No ability to adjust play, down by 8 with 15 to go, and we start one out running, even Blocker was calling for us to chance our arm.
  2. Refs were fucking atrocious. PTB speed was night and day. Manners got told "Hold..Hold" then the Cheech, blows the penalty. You could see Manners blowing up about it. Then Bell takes a tackle and tries to get up for 3 seconds, and Cheech says 'Get Up' and the Sharks player lies about in the tackle..
  3. Warriors arent allowed to be physical. Any big tackle, and we immediately get penalised, regardless of legality. We are even getting penalised when the ball carrier puts a hit on a tackler, even if that tackler employs terrible technique. Its an ominous sign, that we arent allowed to compete. Even the penalty for our kicker getting tackled in the air, Cheech didnt want to blow the penalty, he had to be told 5 seconds later...
Not this Shit again, face's not the refs or the coach, this team is a pack of losers, losing culture with zero heart, it's the players, no one else. Manners is the only legend, the rest are a pack of thick as pig shit cu**s
To the much maligned Warriors pack had more running metres than the fabled sharks park. Problem though why is Mannering passing to Lino, when he & Foran have such a great combination. Why did Lino go away from the inside ball to Sheck. Are the Warriors going away from Foran on purpose because he is leaving & forcing feeding plays to Lino. Like they have with Johnson since Foran's announcement.
Credit where its due, most of the Warriors forwards stepped up tonight, up against a bloody good forward back. Lisone looked absolutly gassed and started making errors as a result, not to mention a pitiful 35m gained from 40+ minutes of footy. When is Kearney going to realise that after god knows how many games, Sao offers absolutly nothing to this team. Kata looked better, but he too looked gassed from his try and we barely saw him in the 2nd half.

I was actually impressed by Bell - he actually provided some impact off the bench and had a noticeable presence on attack
This club is on life support its time to pull the plug. A new coach every year has not been the answer.What the fuck does this so called brains trust do and, how is it possible for a team to get worse as the season goes on and also the years. Please Simon Mannering leave this club there would be no one here that would have a bad word to say about you if you did, fact i think you would be applauded you deserve a tittle the rest of the the team need to go get day jobs and let this club die quietly.
thomson is starting to go ok, had good tackle numbers and was hitting holes
thomson got injured
lino wasn't bad, should keep away from mannering though
i thought bell was ok, didnt do anything wrong which is a good start
i learned a new word - bukake

we dont know how to score tries - our strength is now our achilles heel
mannering is coming down to the level of the rest of the team
bam libone is not becoming our jason taumalolo
i feel like the person in the middle of the bukake, surrounded by this team and they are al on the vinegar stroke, it could get ugly from here.