Post Match NRL 2017 - Round 21 - Warriors vs Sharks Post Match Discussion

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01 Jan 1970 12:00

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Watching the Broncos v the Eels, with Rabs and co commentating, and it's reminding me again why I love league..

Sorry Warriors, but your not playing the same game..

You'rrrrrrrrrrrre so vain, I bet you think this game is about you........... You fucken vain cu**s, you're so vain, I bet you think this game is about you,,, bout you,,,,, bout you,,, cu**s....

Mr Frank White

Man major problems..

  1. No ability to adjust play, down by 8 with 15 to go, and we start one out running, even Blocker was calling for us to chance our arm.
  2. Refs were fucking atrocious. PTB speed was night and day. Manners got told "Hold..Hold" then the Cheech, blows the penalty. You could see Manners blowing up about it. Then Bell takes a tackle and tries to get up for 3 seconds, and Cheech says 'Get Up' and the Sharks player lies about in the tackle..
  3. Warriors arent allowed to be physical. Any big tackle, and we immediately get penalised, regardless of legality. We are even getting penalised when the ball carrier puts a hit on a tackler, even if that tackler employs terrible technique. Its an ominous sign, that we arent allowed to compete. Even the penalty for our kicker getting tackled in the air, Cheech didnt want to blow the penalty, he had to be told 5 seconds later...
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Mr Frank White

Also i think we are trying to start too fast... We either get up by two tries and then get run down, or try too hard and get penalised off the park to start the game.
We'd be better off building into the game, build a base, then sprint to the line at the end since we cant hold a lead
I prefer the version of Warriors when we only used to start playing in the last 20. This new version is aids
I was thinking that during the game. A few years ago if we struggled for the first 60 minutes we could get to a point where the game was in reach and we needed to chase points. We would get some momentum and you could feel the game was in reach. We also had it in us to finish strongly and get the points required. Now our second halves are usually poor and the style of play doesn't full you with confidence on any chance of a comeback.
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Damn that was frustrating. Mind you the whole season has been.

We let them in with a soft try. Get into a bit of a grind before managing to even it up with an intercept try. What is the all important thing to do next? Complete your set, what do we do get fancy and drop the ball.

Every time we looked to build any momentum we cough it up.