Post Match NRL 2017 - Round 19 - Warriors vs Panthers Post Match Discussion

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01 Jan 1970 12:00

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Warriors Orange Peeler
Jun 21, 2012
Mt. Wellington, Auckland
NRL 2017 - Round 19 - Warriors vs Panthers Post Match Discussion
New Zealand Warriors ? vs ? Penrith Panthers
Manu Vatuvei Stadium, Auckland

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Thread to share your thoughts on the Round 19 game between the New Zealand Warriors and Penrith Panthers after the match. Name your Man of the Match, discuss the coach, captain, starting team, bench, opposition, game tactics, substitutions, errors (or lack thereof), penalties (or lack thereof) highs, lows, refs etc.

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1st Grade Fringe
Aug 12, 2016
Panthers game plan, let them have first try out of respect for Manu (least they clapped him onto field) that'll settle warriors us (and patten) take over from there, panthers played ok but cleary ripped us apart.
As someone else said least cleary played for Manu.


1st Grade Fringe
May 3, 2013
598 completion rate in competition line speed,no pride,no desperation,no brains,no skill,no game management,no offloads,no back up plans,no ideas,no succession planning,no planning at all seemingly,no individual accountability,no desire,no hunger all leads to no respect,no fans and no future.

Fuck the completion rate.


1st Grade Fringe
Apr 18, 2012
Was it me, or was the Panthers defence up way faster than ours all night? Offside, or just line speed people at the game? Not many penalties had me scratching my head..

Anyway, we just were beaten in the tackle all night. That, letting bombs bounce and tries out of nothing (Cleary's 3 tries) was the difference.

That's season done likely, don't deserve it anyway.

Thanks for the memories Manu BTW, long live the ESL Beast.

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