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A thread for all 2017 Round 16 team lists, discussions, news and views. Serves as a team list thread and game day discussion for all games through the week (besides the Warriors one of course :) ).

Feel free to add team lists as they become available people. Thank you...

Jordan G

Reports that Thurston is gone for the season. Nothing confirmed yet though.

People say we get an easy ride through the Origin period. Panthers are getting an absolute golden walk in the park.
Reports that Thurston is gone for the season. Nothing confirmed yet though.

People say we get an easy ride through the Origin period. Panthers are getting an absolute golden walk in the park.

Confirmed sad to see :(

Johnathan Thurston's NRL season is over after being told he requires surgery on his injured right shoulder.

The injury blow also means Thurston's 37-game Queensland State of Origin career is over, with the North Queensland playmaker retiring from representative football at the end of the year.

The 34-year-old re-injured his right shoulder in Queensland's 18-16 State of Origin victory over NSW on Wednesday night, when he made a tackle on Blues forward Tyson Frizell.

"Given it was already an injured shoulder, the club and the player decided he had to undergo surgery immediately, effectively ending his season for 2013," Cowboys coach Paul Green said.

Thurston said he had originally hoped the injury was just a cork, before scans on Thursday revealed the worst.

"The news isn't good," Thurston said.

"And the best decision for myself and the club is to get the op done.

"I thought I might have been able to pump one or two more games out.

"But the medical advice I've been given is that if I wanted to live a normal life after football, then I had to have the surgery."

A six-month recovery period will also dash Thurston's hopes of finishing his representative career in the end-of-season home World Cup.

But the Morons and Kangaroos veteran added he would have no second thoughts on his decision to retire from representative football.

"It's a decision that I've made," he said.

"I wanted to finish on a high this year with representative football. I'm comfortable with that decision I've made to retire from rep football."

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Jordan G

Origin is going to be interesting next year (getting ahead I know.)

Wonder if it's locked at 1-1 next year we might get a Langer/Johns "Sean O'Sullivan Thurston" scenario.
GOAT for mine...
bang on.

Just as many images to remember of JT being the one to make try saving tackle after a 80 metre chase, as there is of his attacking mastery.

Had everything. Desire. Commitment, Skill, Class, vision, strength, speed, goal kicking. Also seemed like a genuine good bloke who was not bigger than the game, and re inforced this every half time by offering up his head gear to a new fan for life.

Has there been a better ambassador for rugby league as well?

Wins the best laugh category also.

His legacy will only grow with time.
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Konnie Hurrell is having a Big Game for the Titans vs Tigers tonight

He has already scored 1 try & made some good runs..

Lolohea is playing for Tigers too
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Aussies finally realising what we've known for a while ... Lolohea ain't a first grade quality five eight.
Shit that sucks. Sad to think we will never see him don a QLD or Aus jersey again. Forever will be remembered a champion.
I remember when Johns retired and there was all of the talk about the former champion and he was a once in a life time player. The Telegraph had an article with the headline "I'll take over from Joey" and had a caption with what they made out was a goofy smile. Basically to put him in a bad light after the champion had retired. Thurston came out and said he never said that. Here we are 10 years later and he's probably up there in terms of the great halves debate and his goofy smile/laugh is loved.

Lolohea was getting ripped by the commentators tonight. Its gone from why isn't he playing halves at the Warriors to he's a make shift half. I thought the player that made way for Brooks (Littlejohn?) was guiding them around alright and may have been paired with Brooks when he came back. Cleary has his work cut out for him at the Tigers.
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Mr Frank White

Lolo was atrocious and the Tigers fans are starting to realise.

No running game, no passing game, no kicking game at the moment.

Pretty much has the chip and chase and a straight line runner