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Jun 21, 2012
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NRL 2017 Round 13 - General Discussion


A thread for all 2017 Round 13 team lists, discussions, news and views. Serves as a team list thread and game day discussion for all games through the week (besides the Warriors one of course :) ).

Feel free to add team lists as they become available people. Thank you...


Junior Kiwi Brandon Smith just scored a try on debut, tbh it's my first sight of him, he's a bundle of energy, looks good behind a dominant Melbourne pack.


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Apr 2, 2015
First game for Tui since joining the Tigers. Also keep an eye out for Esan Marsters former junior Kiwi making his NRL debut for the Tigers, has the potential to be a superstar in the future.

Really wish the Warriors had of tried to do a swap deal with the Tigers involving Lolohea and Marsters.
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Apr 12, 2012
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*Lolohea does a shit kick on the 4th*

"Now this is something they need to break him out of. I'm not trying to bag out the Warriors, but that's something I see a lot at the Warriors. A kick on the 4th when the winger isn't ready." - Gasnier

Uhhhh .... hol' up hol' up Gaz. Don't blame us for the fact Tui is shit and now that he's in a Sydney team, you'll see it too.


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Mar 7, 2015

Fuck that guy sticks like glue.

Why cant we have a FB like that?


Lolo eyes just passed a Lolo eyes pass to his invisible friend. smh

Oh now he's down with ""Cramps". FMD. True Warrior style.


it astounds me the great hopes of tigers fans... if you cant make our team you must be garbage, and tui is very garbage
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Jordan G

so, what are the Tiger forums saying now.....

"It's his first game yada yada, Ivan can cure cancer blah blah, next year we'll see something something"


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Mar 7, 2015
That is just shit from Lolohea.

Tedesco is just dangerous with the ball. He's everywhere on attack and defense.

Jordan G

Can't believe Kurt Mann might end up in SL. Way too talented to be wasted in that comp.
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