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01 Jan 1970 12:00PM

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Jordan G

Lots of people using the Dragons game as some sort of justification for CNK being dropped. If that were the criteria we wouldn't be fielding a team this weekend.

He got dropped because he's the new guy, inexperienced and an already established player returned from injury. Nothing more than that IMO.
I would have CNK in there.

Not coz I'm a faboi.

I just figure if he is doing extras, and comes from Aussie systems, the club model of Nursing local Juniors need not be a mandatory set in concrete thing this case.


Kata is a dead head. He doesn't play the game at all. He just catches the ball and runs, or watches the ball and tries to smash the guy who's catching it. That's it.

CNK plays the game. That's why he's got 4 tries in 4 games. It's not a fluke.

Kata has 1 try in 9 games. Not good enough.
SK is a conservative coach, I would rather that than a knee jerker.
SK is a conservative coach, I would rather that than a knee jerker.
I think Kearney's approach is spot on. Send CNK back to reserves after an awesome run in the top grade.

Lots to work on. His one on one MMA tackling when the team is getting smashed is a good place for him to start. He wouldn't have got that experience in reserves like he did v the dragons. That brutal onslaught that just didn't let up. But that's why first grade pulls the big crowds. Cause it awesome.

Now he knows.
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Jordan G

Yeah CNK is the only one who can learn anything from the Dragons game.

The hang up over that game and CNK specifically is hilarious.
Looks like Eels are going to be short up front
Two of their props are out with injuries

And odds for the Warriors have shortened .

The Parramatta Eels take on the New Zealand Warriors at ANZ Stadium on Friday 2 June in Round 13 of the NRL Telstra Premiership.

Updating his squad with 24 hours to go until kick-off, Blue & Gold Head Coach Brad Arthur has been forced to drop Eels forwards Tim Mannah and Siosaia Vave from his 19 man squad, with Mannah (ribs) and Vave (calf) succumbing to injury.
Lol I like this post on the Eels fan website.. 1eyed eel.. They are quite correct

If we continue playing wide of the ruck we can use it to our advantage. Our overall line speed improves and the warriors forwards bar Gavet who's much improved don't offer a lot up the middle. Their strong forward packs a myth . There forwards have been a massive disappointment.

Foran has been great this year at isolating centres and it doesn't bode well for Avua if our defence is lethargic. Contain Foran we win. Kata back gives them a running threat out wide which Johnson likes to use as an opportunity to worry the defenders so he can have a crack himself. Overall their limited in threats the Warriors and even with a few out we play longer periods of decent football .

They like to get in front early , you score first and they dip their heads. Can we win a penalty count that's the biggest problem at the moment in sustaining pressure. We seem to go through periods where we give away big blocks of penalties and it puts you under all sorts.
Kata has 1 try in 9 games. Not good enough.
To be fair he's been our leading try scorer, or close to it, the last 2 seasons (his first 2 seasons).

Scoring tries isn't the parameter of success in this instance, take Maumalo for example.

I wouldn't dig into Kata as deep as you have - you're not wrong in describing his style of play.

Thing is, he can draw and pass but chooses option 1 almost every time (ironically 1 of CNK's 4 tries can be credited to a Kata assist though).

If he adds that slight variation in his game, something he's already capable of doing...

Kata is a good player and obviously has SK's backing. Can't ignore how good he's been up until this spot.

CNK is safe. He will only get better, his drive won't dwindle.

And guys like Kata have no choice but to play better with him snapping at their heels.
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