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01 Jan 1970 12:00PM

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You have to apply for special dispensation to get someone into the squad from outside the named 21. I assume this is to stop someone like Des Hasler sneaking a young half in last minute. You would think if the Warriors said "Aggghh fuck our best player got injured at training, can we bring someone else in?" Surely thats the sort of circumstance where you aren't pulling the wool over the NRLs eyes, otherwise they would just make the rule "Only players from inside the 21".

It looked to me at the time the side was named that Kearney made an error by having only one forward (Bunty) on the extended bench, I think I even said I hope we don't have an injury in the forwards this week.

Having two wings on your extended bench was just asking for it imo.

I doubt the Nrl would be making special dispensations to the Warriors every week, that'd go against the new changes to the team naming protocols so it's an area Kearney's going to have to get right in the future.
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Warriors Orange Peeler
Interesting that the NRL report contradicts what the tweet above says....unless Roache is demoted from the bench to make way for Vete, with Bunty in to spell Mutts in the back row??
Matt Manukia is usually bang on the money. I'd be more inclined to trust him. Might do some digging myself...
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Me likey. Halfway towards big warriors forwards again.

If this works does mannering replace Hoffman or Thompson?

Probably not.
Yep Matt's always got the good oil. Haven't known him not to.
No doubt he'll be bang on with Vatuvei replacing Ken and Bunty in the squad - being apart of the media team for 1News he would have seen first hand who was training.

But the club getting dispensation to add Vete into the 21 man squad (which must be fact if this was posted on, you'd have to wonder why SK would do that if he had no intention on playing him...

Maybe Vete comes in for Sao?? To fill the front row void caused by Mutts in the back row, since Bunty will already be included as his cover...

11. Thompson
12. Hoffman
17. Matulino

14. Roache
15. Lisone
21. Afoa
23. Vete
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I hate to try to configure a patch up side to make up for Mannering.

If they can defend well without him.....something's changing at Penrose.

I was confident before the Mannering I can't see a win based on past capitulations without him there.....time and again in the past.
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Cappy did it aye, but Ben preferred Prop, still he scored and set up Try's there.

Now he's going I guess Kearney will use him as SK sees fit.

It was pretty different when Cappy used him in the back row though... he was used as an edge player.

Seems to me that they'll be using Mutts as basically another prop in the middle, probably hoping for 60 minutes out of him, with Sao to cover the rest.
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It was pretty different when Cappy used him in the back row though... he was used as an edge player.

Seems to me that they'll be using Mutts as basically another prop in the middle, probably hoping for 60 minutes out of him, with Sao to cover the rest.
I figured you knew all that stuff bro, thanks for clarifying.


Vete needs to come in to fulfill Bens prop rotation responsibilities, I rate Bunty but I prefer him out on an edge. It'd be a tough ask on the 20 year old to come on and make an impact through the middle against the likes of Tamou, Merrin, Latu etc.
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Still got the Warriors in my Multi $5

This is the sort of game we should be winning if this season is going to go anywhere after september. Panthers down on form with a depleted side with a few key names having been out for weeks, this should be an easy win if we have the same performance as the Roosters game. That's a big if however, our boys like big breaks way too much which is what makes me so nervous. Cartwright has always been a shit defender in the forwards and the Broncs exposed him on the edges quite effectively in that last game. They've had poor communication in their backline as well the last few games so there are defensive frailties to be capitalised on with this team. The question always is will we turn up or not.
That's right both Manu and Lino drop off.

Someone else mentioned that the initial team naming looked more like a 'we've named u to say well done this week, not because you're a viable selection option"

Case and point, four Wingers, Fusitua, Maumalo, Vatuvei, CNK.

I guess where there is a lack of serious depth, coaches are forced to incentivise good performance, with these little strokes.

Otherwise naming someone like Many makes no sense if you plan to go with Ken (assuming the beast is fit).

I'm not privy to the inner workings of the squad, so there may well be reasons unseen for the initial squad.
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