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01 Jan 1970 12:00

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Yay we won a round one game.

Still need some areas to tweek.
Line benders , cant wait for the return of Benny.

ISP pack is massive , must have one of them on our bench.
One or two Sipleys , or the fijian back rower.
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I spent the whole game watching hands and shapes and momentum's and body language. I honestly don't know how to watch a league game any more. Most Warriors hands wanted to touch the ball when they were on attack - good - and Hoffman didn't drop the ball before or after the line this time - excellent. The Warriors line looked straight at the start, still looking straight, then a zig-zag then a circle then non-existent so I stopped watching it. signs of familiarity. lines are boring anyway. reminds me of a diligent student who is trying hard focusing on the gist and all the while missing the point. its all swings and round abouts and its honestly hilarious. We don't know how to defend. We like to run and step and offload and attack and score tries. I'm looking forward to this year I think its gonna be fun.
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Have seen most of the replay. I see why Gubb is a starter. Not a great metre eater, but that defence.!
Missed by most due to Guibbs history.

His defence was outstanding.

Between him and Mannering /Thompson/Hoffman you could strike a nice balance in this team.

They all love to tackle because they are good at it.

Elite defenders shine when there is a Quorum of like minded players who work together in epic battles (Rep footy....test and Origin....Grand finals).

The Warrior culture on the other hand has traded a love of Alpha defenders....aggressive put the hurt on types....for tacklebot clean up artists and Bully boys who put on a shoulder charge here and there....rather like an U 20s mindset....or an amateur Kiwis era.

If Gibb can continue to monster his opposites, and slow the ruck down like that game....I don't care if he runs one meter.

Alpha accurate Kiwi made defence is our path to a title.

Tacklebots need a lead Wolf Ala Campion, Villasante....etc.

Gubb set the bar pretty high in that game....Hoff and Manners seemed to feed off it.
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I watched heads and eyes too during the game. Warriors heads and eyes looked the other way just before and during most tackles. Mostly, other Warriors team mates ran away from the tackle their mate was making so they could make a line. Gubb literally has to cut em down. Knights heads and eyes mostly kept facing the Warrior player before, and during the tackle. Mostly, one or two of their friends were there to help tackle around the top half of the body as well. Two different approaches. Bit of fearless alphatacklebotness would be awesome.
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ahhhh, if only we had stuck to playing Manu off the bench. what a damaging impact forward we could have had.

If only we could find a coach that didn't think putting players with massive deficiencies in their games on the left wing ( or any position for that matter ) was an awesome idea, hell we may have forged a reputation to be proud of rather than ridiculed...i guess the amount of ex Warriors coaches still coaching first grade show's how pathetic they and their idea's have been.
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In Andy we (have to) trust
I was at the game and had the use of Sports Ears

I believe I heard Ash Klein in the Bunker say that they had cleared the offside [even though that was not shown on the big screen] even before anything came up on screen

Every decision made by the Bunker is available on

Klein clearly says he has cleared the on side