General NRL 2017 Round 1 Games Discussion

Titans are gassed. Hanging by a thread every time the Roosters are in possession. They're steamrolling them. Score could easily be even bigger than 28 nil.
Let us not forget how little our good start in 2009 and bad start in 2011 meant in the general scheme of where we ended up in those two seasons.

Obviously looking for - and expecting - a win tomorrow but heck, it is only Rd 1. I'm just getting my "Please Nobody Break Anything" beads/candles/prayer mats out...

Jordan G

Titans have no speed or mobility. They're a straight up and down side. If they don't dominate up front they have very little else to provide a point of difference.

Won't make the 8.
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Long live the Rainbows and Butterflies
Dragons win. 42-10.

Tigers, dragons let's hope it not the knights joining these underdog teams winning in the first round.
wait on history its the warriors that would be the underdog team. How long has it been since they won round one? So either way it will be an underdog win