General NRL 2016 Round 8 - General Discussion

Which TWO games are most looking forward to?

  • Broncos vs Rabbitohs

  • Bulldogs vs Titans

  • Raiders vs Tigers

  • Cowboys vs Eels

  • Sharks vs Panthers

  • Knights vs Manly

  • Dragons vs Roosters

  • Storm vs Warriors

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Those Ngapuhi country boys can be pretty tough. Adam Blair is Ngapuhi too. JD should send the Warriors scouts up there like the other NRL clubs do. Not joking either. To look at the Warriors team you could think all league players here were Samoan or Tongan. Nothing against Samoans or Tongans, nothing at all, but something is wrong when they seem to be the only ones getting picked.

Not wrong, Hone Heke would've made a great dummy half and would've given Mick Ennis a run for his money for nuisance value ... spent some time up there learning our early history. The Hell Hole of the Pacific wasn't a place for shrinking violets, toughened blood indeed.
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Warriors Orange Peeler
He's one quarter Gangsta to judging from his Panthers bio.
Had to have a look. Im surprised his favourite movie isnt Scarface...

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Feel a bit sorry for Moses & Brooks. Just can't seem to get their combination going with Farah overriding all the teams set moves and general play again. Ever since Farah returned the Tigers sucked again. Farah's stale and over rated.
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Jason Taylor was more of a player than that. He isn't big but he could stand up on defence as well as anybody, it wasn't just his goalkicking. The Tigers is a club in turmoil. They were saying on Fox today that this slump started when Robbie Farah came back. Stats don't lie and maybe Taylor will pay the price but the Fox commentators reckon the club haven't got the money to pay Taylor out.
That's your opinion Bruce, he was not good in mine.
He was the Grant Fox of rugby league, BORING.
Brandy wasn't big, but was twice the player he was.
I was a half in my early days before I finished as a turned lock, so that's a position I always keep a special focus on.
As for the Tigers, I don't give two shits about them.
At least the Officials got one decision right in the Knights Game, Matai got sent to the bin which is not before time.
He is just a grub and normally gets away with murder.
Watching lead up commentary for roosters dragons. They keep saying how great this game is, last of the round, exemplifies Anzac spirit like no other match etc... Isn't warriors v storm last of round AND better exemplifies spirit as is nz v Aus? Fucking morons.
hopefully the next two games are better than this match, both teams playing very lateral and keep dropping the ball. Would have like to see an Anzac match at Suncorp tbh.


ZERO linebreaks in the game so far.

Got to love the rorters getting bitch slapped by a team a few weeks ago couldnt score a point to save their lives.
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Really enjoyed the roosters/dragons game, i actually wanted the roosters to win! Thought some of the calls went against the roosters and the Napa/Cordner tackle when the Dragons player got knocked out, didn't think they should have put Napa on report or even given a penalty, looked like a hard hit but unfortunately the replay didn't look good with the player out cold. Good game though.